Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society

The Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society (BAMS) is the flagship magazine of AMS and publishes articles of interest and significance for the weather, water, and climate community as well as news, editorials, and reviews for AMS members.

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Thompson ISI ranked BAMS #3 in Meteorology and Atmospheric Science journals for 2015.

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Additional BAMS  Publications

State of the Climate

This is the only annual peer-reviewed check-up of the world’s climate health. Each July in this BAMS Supplement, more than 400 scientists worldwide provide detailed updates on global climate indicators, notable weather events, and other data collected on land, water, ice, and in space.

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Explaining Extreme Events

In this annual supplement to BAMS, NOAA curates an array of fast-response research on how climate change affected that year’s extreme weather and climate events.

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Front Page Blog

An extension of the magazine, the blog relays news about research and relates science to the current events and trends amongst members and interested readers everywhere.

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