AMS Statements

The American Meteorological Society (AMS) promotes the development and dissemination of information and education on the atmospheric and related oceanic and hydrologic sciences and the advancement of their professional applications. Founded in 1919, AMS has a membership of more than 14,000 professionals (in government, the private sector and academia), students and weather enthusiasts. As a service to its members, and in fulfillment of its larger responsibilities to human society, the AMS periodically issues statements on topics that fall within the scope of AMS expertise.

Summary of the process used to create AMS statements
The full process for creating AMS statements of various types is provided in the Guidelines for Statements of the AMS .  A few key components of the process are provided here.

Statements are drafted in a multistep process by a drafting committee composed of volunteers from the AMS who are recognized experts in the subject area of the statement and who bring different perspectives on the subject. The process is overseen and coordinated by the AMS Council, which is the governing body of the AMS that is elected from the membership by the membership.  Every statement, after passing review by the AMS Council in draft form, is posted for comments from the AMS membership for a period of not less than 30 days.  All comments received during the comment period are evaluated and must be addressed by the drafting committee before the final form of the statement is approved.  The final statement is approved by the AMS Council on behalf of the Society only when the Council feels the statement has incorporated appropriately the comments from the membership and that it represents the view of the Society.