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Video Spotlight

screen capture of weather video shown at RTNDA conference

Station Scientist
(.mov, 4 megs)

Will your station be ready when science is in the news?


Station Scientist Videos

The Committee on the Station Scientist solictied examples of science and environmental reporting from TV weathercasters in 2005. The committee chose these examples to highlight such reporting.

The video clips are in Quicktime format. To watch a video, you must have Quicktime installed on your computer. Download Quicktime for free from the following Apple page: To ensure smooth playback, please download the videos to your computer before viewing.

Space and Sky

Gene Norman: Venus Transit (7 megs)
Cecilia Sinclair: Meteor Storms and Satellites (8 megs)
Lisa Spencer: Mars Approach (10 megs)
Lisa Spencer: Moon (12 megs)
Bob Swanson: Sun Dogs (7 megs)

Natural Disasters

Paul Gross: Tsunami and the Richter Scale (12 megs)
Mark Nelson: Mt. St. Helens (7 megs)

Environmental Features

Bartlett Deer Move (16 megs)
Bartlett Salmon (8 megs)
Bartlett-High School Fish (10 megs)
Bray-Power Grid (7 megs)
Paul Gross UV Damage (4 megs)
Gene Norman Manatee (8 megs)
Ryan Chesapeake Bay (8 megs)
Cecilia Sinclair: Air Quality (17 megs)
Cecilia Sinclair: Hurricane Hunters
Hurricane Hunters (10 megs)


Bryan Norcross: Volcanoes and Tsunamis











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