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Climate Change   NOAA Climate Page    Climate Prediction Center   National Climatic Data Center Global Warming FAQ page   National Climatic Data Center State of the Climate site    National Climatic Data Center record high / record low tracking     National Climatic Data Center Paleoclimate info    National Snow and Ice Information Data Center     AMS Climate Change Policy Statement  EPA Climate Change site   Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC)     U.S. Global Change Research Program  Global temps from Remote Sensing Systems  North Carolina State Climatology office site with info about global patterns, such as NAO, PDO, ENSO, AO, etc.  Specific indices for various global patterns, such as NAO, PDO, ENSO, AO, etc.   NASA Climate Change resource visuals    The current level of atmospheric carbon dioxide (measured at Mauna Loa)   Climate basics from Earth Gauge   Earth Gauge in-depth climate fact sheets  Climate Change info from Climate Central   Climate Change FAQ (authored by Bob Henson at UCAR and Bud Ward, Yale Forum)   NASA-Goddard global temperature data   American Institute of Physics history of climate change info   Video of an AMS paper given by Dr. Jennifer Francis of Rutgers.  The topic is Does Arctic Amplification Fuel Extreme Weather in Mid-Latitudes?  








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