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Statements of the AMS

Statements Presently in Force

Guidelines for Statements of the AMS (PDF)



AMS Statements in Process

Statements Accepting Comments
AMS Statements that are being considered by the AMS Council for approval are posted on the AMS Web site at least at least thirty days before the Council vote. The Council may consider a statement either at one of the two regularly scheduled meetings each year, or at any time in between using e-mail discussion and electronic balloting. In addition, statement preparation does not follow a fixed schedule so statements may come up for consideration at any time of the year. AMS Members who are interested in providing input to statements are encouraged to check the AMS Web site regularly to see if any are under review at that time.

Draft Statement(s) Open for Member Comment

View draft statements currently under review.

Statement Drafting Committee Volunteers Needed

If you would like to be considered for service on the drafting committee, please send your name and contact information with a brief description of your background to the AMS Council at the following e-mail address:

The AMS Council is currently soliciting volunteers to serve on the drafting committee for updating or creating the following statements:

Update and Revision of the AMS Policy Statement Prediction and Mitigation of Flash Floods
The AMS Policy Statement on the Prediction and Mitigation of Flash Floods has recently expired. A subgroup within the AMS Hydrology Committee has determined that there should be revision to the AMS Statement. This is based on a number of factors, including increased monetary losses due to the occurrence of significant flash flooding, recent flash flood research and interest internationally with the problem, and growing concerns of both the increased frequency and intensity of extreme precipitation events under climate change scenarios as outlined by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) and U.S. National Assessment. 

Looking at NOAA/NWS Hazard statistics, flash flood damages have averaged about $1 billion total property and crop losses per year and about 50 fatalities per year since 1996 in the U.S. The concern for flash floods has grown, as evidenced by the European Union’s development of the HYDRATE program, the objective of which “is to improve the scientific basis of flash flood forecasting by extending the understanding of past flash flood events, advancing and harmonizing a European-wide innovative flash flood observation strategy and developing a coherent set of technologies and tools for effective early warning systems.” Moreover, there has been increased emphasis internationally on the implementation of local flash flood forecasting systems.

22 April 2015

Volunteers needed - Statement on Enabling Weather and Climate Priorities

The AMS Council has expressed interest in having an AMS Policy statement available to inform the 2016 campaigns and the incoming Administration and Congress in 2017. In 2008 the AMS issued a policy statement, Enabling Weather and Climate Priorities

Précis: Through sustained efforts over decades, the public, private and academic sectors are collectively working together to provide a broad range of quality services to citizens, communities and businesses nationally and globally. However, we are experiencing increasing demands as well as multiple challenges. For example, we find decision makers need access to complex scientific information in easy to understand ways. We see a need to move proven research into operations in a more timely manner. We note federal investments failing to keep pace with demands to maintain vital national weather, water and climate infrastructure. And from a global perspective, the international reach of the US community is increasingly important and while US weather businesses compete well abroad, the competition from other nations is growing. In 2019, AMS will embark on its second century as a Society and is actively engaged in addressing these challenges by providing a firm foundation for community engagement.

By working together, Congress, the Executive Branch, and the AMS community can position the United States, and indeed other nations, to cope effectively with weather, water, and climate challenges well into the 21st century. By the same token, failure to take actions will subject the United States to unnecessary and unacceptable risk in the face of natural hazards, business loss in sensitive sectors of the economy, continuing deterioration of the environment, ecosystems and infrastructure, and increased political instability, both at home and abroad. This statement will identify priorities and needs for weather, water, and climate that can help the nation effectively manage risks and respond to new opportunities.

Statements in Preparation

The following statements are currently being prepared with an anticipated completion on or before the date shown below:

AMS Statement on Mobile Homes and Severe Windstorms
AMS Statement on Tornado Preparedness and Safety
AMS Statement on Weather Analysis and Forecasting
AMS Statement on Lightning Safety Policy
AMS Statement on Prediction and Mitigation of Flash Floods




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