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Membership Dues and Categories

Please see Individual Membership Benefits and Corporation and Institutional Membership Benefits pages for more information.

Categories of Membership


2015 Dues

The AMS encourages professionals throughout the weather and climate enterprise to become members. Members are persons having demonstrable professional or scholarly expertise in the atmospheric or related sciences, technologies, applications, or services whether or not this expertise is a source of livelihood.

  • New! Members from Countries with Developing Economies AMS now offers a discounted dues rate to residents of countries with developing economies. Learn more here.
  • Members with Student Privileges have met the qualifications for Member and are enrolled at least half-time at an accredited institution of higher learning. Usually, individuals applying for membership under this category have completed an undergraduate degree and are pursuing a higher degree of education.




Associate Members are persons who are interested in the atmospheric sciences and the advancement, objectives, and goals of the Society.  No formal educational or professional qualifications are required.



  • Associate Members-Precollege Students are individuals who are enrolled as elementary, middle, or high school students. 


  • Associate Members-K-12 Teachers are individuals who are employed full-time as teachers at an elementary, middle, or high school.




Student Members are graduate or undergraduate students enrolled at least half-time at an accredited institution of higher learning.

  • Special Note: Join as a Student Member now and pay a discounted dues rate for five years after graduation.Our Early Career Dues structure will allow you to make the transition to full membership gradually and affordably, but without a loss of benefits. Just upgrade to full Member status and the cost of your membership will increase from the Student Member rate for the first full year after graduation to no more than half of the Member rate for each of the next four years.





Corporation and Institutional Member
Corporations and other organizations desirous of supporting the atmospheric or related oceanic or hydrologic sciences or their application are eligible for election to Corporation and Institutional Member.  The four levels of AMS Corporation and Institutional Membership have been designed to meet the unique technical and marketing needs of all organizations.


See Below

Sustaining Corporation and Institutional Member



Regular Corporation and Institutional Member



Small Business Corporation and Institutional Member



Publication Corporation and Institutional Member




Still not sure what membership category is right for you?  Contact Member Services by email or by phone at 617.227.2426, ext. 3913 or 3914 for assistance.



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