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Purpose and Goals

The purpose of the AMS Energy Committee is to promote growth in the economic base of the weather and climate community by closely interacting with the energy industry towards the mutual benefit of all parties.  To this end, the AMS Energy Committee’s goal is to bring together the weather, climate, and energy communities to better understand their respective needs, discuss current and future technologies and trends, identify solutions and services, and explore business opportunities

The Energy Committee will develop and participate in the following activities:

1. Provide venues for the weather, climate, and energy enterprises to meet and discuss topics of mutual interest

2. Identify opportunities for the weather, climate, and energy enterprises to interact (e.g., weather, climate, and energy industry conferences, workshops, and symposia)

3. Facilitate dialog between the climate and weather enterprise and the energy industry.

           Energy Committee Running Joint Session at the 8th Symposium on the Urban Environment - Phoenix, AZ January 11-15, 2009.