Next meeting of the Smoky Mountain Chapter
of the American Meteorological Society

September 19th

This meeting will be a round-table discussion of the future of the chapter, and will not have an organized dinner beforehand. Needless to say, this is an important meeting that everyone should try to attend to let their voice be heard. Please bring some ideas to share with everyone about what the chapter should do in the coming years, and be ready to share your thoughts.

We'll plan to meet around 7:45 pm in our usual meeting place on the UT Ag campus (Room 123 of the Ellington Plant Sciences Building). Directions to this location can be found below. Please RSVP with Ed Dumas by noon on Monday, September 19th, if you plan to attend this meeting.

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Meetings are usually held on the Agricultural Campus of the University of Tennessee at Knoxville in either Room 123 of the Ellington Plant Sciences building or Room 266 of the Biosystems Engineering and Environmental Sciences building.

Directions are: On Neyland Drive along the Tennessee River (if traveling south from Kingston Pike), go under the Alcoa Highway bridge and turn left on Joe Johnson Drive (the 2nd stoplight after the bridge) at the Agricultural Campus entrance to UT. Go north on Joe Johnson Drive to E.J. Chapman Drive (the second street up from the stoplight; right at the traffic light with the bridge ahead of you). Turn right into the Lot 66 parking lot behind the Vet school. It's very important that you park here across Joe Johnson Drive from the Ellington Plant Sciences building and the Biosystems Engineering and Environmental Sciences (BEES) building, since this is the only place you can park at night without the risk of a parking ticket.

The Ellington Plant Sciences building is directly across Joe Johnson Drive from parking lot 66, while the BEES building will be the long, two-story building on the corner by the traffic light (cross Joe Johnson Drive at the crosswalk). The door on that end is usually locked, so you will need to walk along the other side of E.J. Chapman Drive (which has the sidewalk) to the large double doors on the far (NW) side. You can go up the stairs at that end of the building, in which case the classroom is right at the top of the stairs on the second floor. Or if you need an elevator, walk about halfway down the first floor. The elevator is located on the right, between the restrooms. Go to the "U" floor and turn left when you exit. Room 266 is the last room on the left.

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