Minutes of the September 21, 2009 Meeting
Smoky Mountain AMS Chapter

Almost 20 people met at the WATE-TV 6 television studios in north Knoxville to watch a live newscast. The hosts were Matt Hinkin and Bob Becker from the WATE-6 Storm Team. In order to best get a feel for the entire newscast, the group was split into two with one group watching the live newscast from the studio while the other group watched from the director’s booth. The group in the booth was able to see how the news producer (who puts the show together all day) is always in communication with the talent and live reporters in the field. The director calls out all the commands of the show, while the technical director pushes the buttons that the director calls for. They also were able to see where the graphics and audio all come from. This was seeing the newscast from the most technical angle available.

While in the studio, the groups were also given a tour of the studio. The entire group was in the studio to see Matt Hinkin do the weather presentation from the green wall, as there are actually never any maps behind the weather talent. This part of the show is usually very interesting to watch. You can see how the talent knows what they are pointing to while they're never actually allowed to see it (except through three monitors). After the newscast, the group was allowed to 'play' at the green wall and be on camera. They were given a tour of the 'Storm Center', where all the meteorologists put their shows together. The group also had the opportunity to ask Matt and Bob any questions about what we had just seen or about TV weather in general.

A short business meeting was then held where topics, such as the chapter's poster for the national AMS meeting in January, were discussed. Afterwards, the group then headed to dinner at Cafe 4 in Market Square of downtown Knoxville.

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