Minutes of the September 20, 2004 Meeting
Smoky Mountain AMS Chapter

Everyone met at the Tennessee Grill near downtown Knoxville around 6:15 PM. After dinner, the meeting commenced at the Ag. Engr. Bldg. on the UT Ag campus around 8 PM. Dr. Henri Grissino-Mayer (Assistant Professor of Geography at the University of Tennessee in Knoxville) spoke on "Climate Studies and Paleoclimatology using Dendrochronology":

"My training centers on climate studies and paleoclimatology, while I also have a strong background in geomorphology, natural and human hazards, biogeography, soil science and soil geography, dendrochronology, fire ecology, quantitative methods, and geographic thought. I strongly believe that the primary purpose of a university is to educate, and that through research we become better educators. I also believe in the use of new technologies in the classroom, and I am a strong advocate of the use of the Internet and worldwide web to enhance the learning experience."

Dr. Grissino-Mayer does a vast amount of work reconstructing past climates with tree rings. A lot of that involves using tree rings to reconstruct past fire regimes by analyzing the fire-scar record contained in many ponderosa pine trees and other trees. He has also been collecting references about dendrochronology since 1986, and has developed software to aid in his and other's research in the subject area.

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