President:                    Kyle Dittmer, Columbia R. Inter-Tribal Fish Comm. Hydrologist

Vice-President:            Tyree Wilde, NOAA-National Weather Service Meteorologist

Secretary:                    Drew Jackson, KPTV/FOX-12 Meteorologist

Treasurer:                    Patty Read, PCC Student

Website:                       http://www.ametsoc.org/chapters/oregon/index.html




  1. Guess the date/time of the first report of snow at the Portland Weather Office.


  1. ASOS Report must say “-SN, SN, +SN” for snow.  Report must be verified.


  1. Entries will only be accepted at this November 9, 2007 Winter Weather meeting.


  1. Contest open to members, but non-members can participate (please join us!).


  1. Record your Guess on the paper slip and place in the ballot box.


  1. Prizes donated by OMSI – eight OMSI general admission passes ($72 value).  First Place Winner = 4 passes, Second Place = 2 passes, Third Place = 2 passes.


  1. Winner will be notified by phone and/or email.