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Past Weather

Wild Vancouver Storm Recap

Wednesday, April  6th, 2011 

Here is a quick "storm recap" from what will likely rank as one of the "top 10" craziest weather days in Vancouver, WA. in many years. At about 5:15pm on Wednesday 4/6/11, a strong thunderstorm cell developed over Clark County, taking a similar path to that of the January 10th 2008 Vancouver tornado. Hail was reported anywhere from pea-sized at my home to almost dime-sized directly in the path of the cell. What was rare with this storm was the intensity that the precipitation fell. From what I can gather from local weather observers, anywhere from .40" to .70" fell in a matter of about 15 minutes. The storm struck without warning and no advisories were ever issued, to my knowledge. Within 30 minutes, the storm raced across southern Clark County and then dissipated in the Cascade foothills near Livingston Mountain. In the wake of the storm, up to 2" of snow and hail were left across a swath from Vancouver through Orchards, into Sifton and points east to Livingston Mountain. I have never before witnessed snow and hail dumping down at rates like this, in our metro area. Please see low resolution radar image, along with a few pictures of what the area looked like just after the storm rolled through yesterday. Special thanks to the following people and agencies: Tyler Mode, WSDOT, Fire District 3's Donovan Mattern and Nicole Russell.

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