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October 17, 2009

Historical Portland Snowfall 1871-2009

By, Steve Pierce
Executive Councilor
Oregon AMS

On average, Portland receives about 6” of snow each year. However, as you will see below some winters receive quite a bit more. In fact, there are a few winters including 2008/09 that received record snowfall. Other recent notable years include 1992/93, 1979/80, 1968/69, 1955/56, 1950/51, 1949/50, 1948/49, etc. The following data sets show the break down of snowfall during each decade and where they rank in the nearly 140 years of records. Some of the information that stands out is quite striking, such as, the average snowfall total for a given decade has gone from nearly 200" in the late 1800's to around 40" per decade since 1970. The decade from 1980-1990 stands as the single lowest snowfall decade on record in Portland. Could that trend be changing anytime soon? Only time will tell.

1871-2009 PDX Seasonal Snowfall By Decade

1871-2009 PDX Seasonal Snowfall Rank

Seasonal Snowfall Portland