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Meeting Minutes

What’s new with the Oregon Climate Service (OCS) in Corvallis

June 12th, 2012

Kathie Dello
Deputy Director, Oregon Climate Service

Intro Presentation .ppt

Oregon AMS President Steve Pierce welcomed nearly 40 Oregon AMS members to the annual dinner meeting on Tuesday, June 12th 2012 at the Old Spaghetti Factory in Clackamas. He opened the meeting by recapping the performance of the Oregon AMS during the 2011/2012 season. Pierce mentioned that the Oregon AMS set records in nearly every category, including eight monthly meetings that were attended by more than 1,400 people. See President Pierce's presentation below. He also reviewed the finances of the Oregon AMS and acknowledged his appreciation of every Oregon AMS member. He then discussed the tough meeting topics that were tackled this year and how the executive council stood by its mission statement even in the face of extreme pressure revolving around the politically charged global warming meetings of January and April. The exciting fall 2012 Oregon AMS lineup of meetings was also introduced. Please see our meetings page for complete details.

The featured presentation of the evening was Oregon Climate Service (OCS) Deputy Director Kathie Dello. Kathie's presentation is located below. Kathie detailed the comprehensive services that the Oregon Climate Service (OCS) now provides since coming under new management in 2008. During the Q & A session at the end of the meeting, several Oregon AMS members asked if Kathie's office could return the function of providing timely climate reports and summaries similar to how they were provided pre-2008. Kathie agreed to forward these requests to her management for consideration. She also noted that only a small percentage of her time was dedicated to the OCS function itself and acknowledged that this would likely continue to be a limiting factor going forward. The meeting adjourned with a recap / photo montage by President Pierce of the record setting thunderstorm outbreak in Portland over Memorial Day weekend 2012. He also referenced the annual Oregon AMS summer picnic that will be held on July 14th beginning at 4pm.

Click here for Deputy Director Kathie Dello presentation (pdf)

click here for May Thunder Storm Outbreak (pptx)

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