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Meeting Minutes

AMS “Winter Weather Recap” Meeting at KPTV


With 36 people present, the Oregon Chapter of the AMS gathered for its March meeting at the Fox 12 studios in Beaverton, Oregon at 7pm. Oregon AMS President Bobby Corser gave an update regarding the upcoming annual Oregon AMS elections. He also announced that he would not seek another term as President of the Oregon AMS. He nominated Oregon AMS Vice President Steve Pierce for the office of President. Additional nominations were also made at the meeting, which include, Bobby Corser for the office of Vice President, Mark Nelsen for the office of Secretary, Charlie Feris, Dave Lamb, Chuck Wiese, Brian MacMillan and Tyree Wilde for the office of Councilor. Current Oregon AMS Secretary Kyle Dittmer relayed a request from Councilor George Miller to withdraw his nomination for the office of Councilor. George was then re-nominated for the office of Vice President.  Bobby also noted that the deadline for nominations is April 30th. Bobby Corser - Opening Presentation(pdf)

KPTV Fox-12 Chief Meteorologist / Oregon AMS Councilor Mark Nelsen and Oregon AMS Vice President Steve Pierce then presented a joint recap of winter 2010/2011. Mark was the first speaker of the evening. Mark presented a detailed look at the past winter touching on each month beginning with November. Mark explained that this winter started and ended with plenty of interesting weather, but the middle of the winter was rather benign. Much of the weather attention given to this winter surrounded the early November arctic blast and light snowfall. Mark mentioned that this past November featured the first sub-freezing high temperature at PDX, for the month of November, since 1985. Mark also detailed the events surrounding the Aumsville, Oregon tornado that occurred on December 14th. The EF-2 twister was the strongest to strike NW Oregon since 1993. January was a slow weather month after a cold start, which included a localized ice storm on the east side of the metro area early in the month. Mark Nelsen - 2010/2011 Winter Review(pdf)

After Mark Nelsen's presentation, Oregon AMS Vice President Steve Pierce offered a comprehensive look at our late season arctic air and snowfall from February 20th through the 28th. Steve detailed the atmospheric set up for this storm and end result. Steve also listed many of the snow totals from around the region. He went on to point out that Portland experienced its coldest overnight low for this late in the season on record, at 18 degrees on February 26th 2011. Records date back to 1940 at the Portland airport. Steve then detailed the heavy snowfall event that occurred from February 27th through March 1st at elevations above 600ft. Many locations above 1,000ft saw as much as 14-18" in just 36 hours. This was quite substantial for this late in the season. Finally, Steve detailed the March 13th squall line that moved through western Oregon and southwest Washington at approximately 3:30pm. Winds gusted to 55mph at both Portland and Vancouver. Eugene was the highest at 58mph. He also showed us how the new 1.33km view of the WRF-GFS model from the Univ of Washington actually forecasted this squall line several hours in advance. The 55mph gust at PDX was the strongest March gust at that location since March 1st 1974 when a 59mph gust was recorded. The all-time March gust was recorded on March 26th 1971 at 71 mph. Steve Pierce - 2010/2011 Winter Review - Part 2(pdf)

The meeting adjourned about 8:45pm. The next meeting will be hosted at Stark Street Pizza on Thursday, April 21st at 7pm. BPA Meteorologist Chris Karafotias will discuss the Madden-Julian Oscillation and how it affected our 2010-2011 winter weather. The general public is welcome to attend this free meeting.