Dear Oregon AMS:


I was completely blessed and honored by last night's retirement party. Thank you so much for all you did to make it happen. I can hardly wait to show my wife the blanket. Last year we visited the Pendleton store (the factory outlet in Pendleton) and she saw some of the blankets and really admired them. To receive one from you (especially one with a weather theme) is way cool!


Please convey to the rest of the AMS council and members my fondest appreciation for the time spent and the respect that was bestowed on me. I'm grateful to Phil for insisting I have a photo with everyone who attended.


On the drive back to Corvallis, my pastor and friend Tinker Melonuk reflected on what a great group of people had attended. It was obvious to him, and it's obvious to me.


And I do promise to attend the fall "What Will the Winter Be Like?" meeting!


George Taylor

May 5, 2008