16th Annual Winter Weather Meeting

Event, October 24th, Friday, 10 am - noon, "16th Annual Winter Weather Meeting" & Snow-Flake Contest, OMSI Auditorium - 181 attend!. Event-flyer ; OMSI Press Release: OMSI-PR

Presentations Mark's 2007-08 Review ; CRITFC (Kyle), Handout ; ODA (Pete) ; NOAA-NWS (Steve) ; ACS (George)

Photos: Greeters, Vendor-CWS , Audience, OMSI Greetings, Mark, Kyle, Pete, Pete-2 , Pete-3 , Pete-4 , Steve , Steve-2 , George , George-2 , George-3

Photos - Gift to the outgoing President: Big Box, Pendleton Salmon Blanklet, Nice Blanklet!

Snowflake-Contest: Rules . Winning date/time: Dec. 14, 5:53-6:23 am! Here are the official observations. Contest Winners: First Place - Ryan Underhill, Second Place - Patty O'Toole, Third Place - Katie Schmidt, Fourth Place - Terry Parsons. Big thanks to OMSI for donating the admission passes as prizes!

Vancouver Columbian coverage of the Oct. 24 Winter Weather meeting: VC-Oct24 and VC-Oct25