What is AMS_PSL?

AMS_PSL is the AMS / CWWCE / BEC announcement distribution service for the weather, water, and climate community. Its objective is rapid e-mail dissemination of announcements of broad community interest to a large number of prominent community people from all community sectors.

What does PSL stand for?

You probably know that AMS stands for American Meteorological Society. But, you may not know that PSL currently does not stand for anything! Read on to learn the original meaning of PSL.

History of AMS_PSL

http://j.mp/GaryRasmussen at AMS Headquarters started AMS_PSL in the early 2000's when he was the AMS Private Sector Coordinator.

The original purpose of the AMS_PSL e-mail list was to facilitate communication between AMS members working in the private sector and AMS members working in other sectors. At that time there was a lot of discontent about the poor state of inter-sector communication among the private, public, and academic sectors of our weather, water, and climate community, and it was hoped that an AMS Private Sector List (hence, the original meaning of AMS_PSL) would offer a vehicle to help improve communication. From the outset, by design, AMS_PSL has included recipients from all sectors of our community.

In 2005, when the AMS Commission on the Weather and Climate Enterprise (CWCE) was created by the AMS Council, responsibility for oversight of AMS_PSL was transferred to CWCE's Board on Enterprise Communication. It was decided then to retain the well known name of the e-mail list, but disassociate the list from a focus on the private sector since CWCE is concerned equally with all community sectors.

Subscribing and Unsubscribing To start, end, or update an AMS_PSL subscription, send your request by e-mail to: pslmoderator@ametsoc.org.

Please be sure to include your full name and, if currently a subscriber, your AMS_PSL e-mail address.

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