Elizabeth C. Weatherhead—Bio-Sketch

University of Colorado at Boulder
325 Broadway, Boulder CO 80303, USA

photo of Betsy Weatherhead

Areas of Scientific Research

Understanding the environment through the combined use of new monitoring techniques, physical models and statistical approaches; structural changes in the atmosphere; the link between weather and climate; ozone and ultraviolet radiation, Arctic climate change, environmental statistics, scientific applications of unmanned aircraft systems.


I am employed by the University of Colorado and work with NOAA on a number of issues including evaluation of forecasting techniques, developing new measurement approaches, and statistical analyses of data. In addition, I occasionally consult on issues to private companies interested in getting an objective analysis of issues. Most recently, I served as an expert witness for a trial involving high energy electrical storms.


Ph.D., Geophysical Sciences, The University of Chicago, 1993

M.A., Statistics, The University of Chicago, 1992

M.A., Physics, The University of Chicago, 1992

A.B., Physics, The University of Chicago, 1985

Select Leadership and International Participation

Select Publications

Weatherhead, E., J. Snow, M. McElroy and L. Pietrafesa, "Renewable Energy: the challenge is on," submitted to Eos in spring, 2010.

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