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Wendy Marie Thomas, an AMS Member, is a Meteorologist and Policy Analyst for the American Meteorological Society's Policy Program in Washington, D.C. She researches climate and weather scale impacts to human health and ecosystems. The mission of her work is to advance health surveillance, preparedness and response as they relate to hydro-meteorological applications and information. Unifying the hydro-meteorological and health disciplines, which rarely have the occasion to directly interface, requires public, private, and academic sector collaboration and partnerships. Ms. Thomas facilitates these connections through the AMS and its allied partners in the health community, in addition to serving as a permanent member to the AMS Board on Environment and Health. Reaching this point in her career came through an atypical trek into meteorology. Ms. Thomas started as a policy major at Georgetown University with her heart set on becoming an environmental lawyer. Seeking a more solid understanding of atmospheric and oceanic sciences to effect sound policy, she later matriculated into graduate school (Arizona State University, and the University of Arizona) to study these areas to greater depth. After graduate school, Ms. Thomas consulted for a major broadcast network in New York, NY to develop language and programs that infuse climate-scale factors into weather forecasts in order to enrich the public's understanding of a changing climate and its potential societal impacts. Ms. Thomas has a BSFS degree in international politics, organization, and law/foreign service from Georgetown University (1993), an MA degree in physical geography from Arizona State University (1999), and an MS degree in atmospheric sciences from the University of Arizona (2004).

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