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Mike Smith, an active AMS Member, an active Fellow of the AMS, an active AMS Certified Consulting Meteorologist, and an inactive holder of the AMS Broadcast Seal of Approval, is Senior Vice President of AccuWeather Enterprise Solutions in Wichita, Kansas. He is also AccuWeather's Chief Innovation Executive. Founder and Chief Executive Officer of WeatherData Services, Inc. in Wichita, Kansas. He has the AMS Television Broadcaster Seal of Approval and has served on the AMS's Forecasting and Aviation Meteorology Committees. In 1992, Mr. Smith won the AMS Award for Outstanding Contribution to Applied Meteorology, and he shared in WeatherData's 2000 AMS Award for Outstanding Service to Meteorology by a Corporation. Mr. Smith served as Chairman of the American Weather and Climate Industry Association, and he is a Charter Member of the National Weather Association. He founded WeatherData Services to provide weather-risk management consulting, weather forecasting, and other services to clients in the utility, transportation, manufacturing, education, and government sectors, throughout the United States, Canada, and Mexico. Mr. Smith is a leading expert in applying weather science. He is a meteorologist, an entrepreneur, and an inventor who is the recipient of eighteen U.S. and foreign patents. Mr. Smith's lifelong interest in weather began when he was five years old. In May 1957, an F5 tornado tore a 71-mile long path through south Kansas City, killing 44 people. The tornado destroyed his kindergarten and debris from the tornado fell into his front yard. After studying meteorology, engineering, and mathematics at the University of Oklahoma, and having a successful career as a television meteorologist in St. Louis, Oklahoma City, and Wichita, Mr. Smith founded WeatherData Services in 1981 and sold its assets to AccuWeather, Inc. in 2006. He stayed on after the sale. In Warnings, his first book, he tells, from a firsthand perspective, the story of the creation of America's unique storm warning system that saves so many lives.

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