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George Smith, an AMS Member, is a Senior Program Manager with Riverside Technology, Inc., based in Moneta, Virginia. Dr. Smith helps organizations collect, analyze, manage, and disseminate the overload of environmental information about our planet, which is being generated at a pace far exceeding our ability to thoroughly process and digest it. Dr. Smith is the Riverside team Program Manager for Scientific and Technical Support Services across the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration enterprise. Riverside's NOAA Sci-Tech II contract supports NOAA's Line Office needs for satellite analysis, the weather forecast and climate service missions, as well as fisheries management, coastal restoration, and marine commerce. Dr. Smith served as NOAA's Weather and Water Goal Lead, responsible for planning and programming approximately one-quarter of NOAA's budget, related to NOAA's environmental forecasting mission. His previous role was as Chief of the Hydrology Laboratory in the Office of Hydrologic Development in NOAA's National Weather Service, and the Senior Hydrologist for NOAA's Hydrology Program. He is a native of New Jersey, and a graduate of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (BS, Civil Engineering) and the University of Florida (ME, PhD, Civil and Environmental Engineering). Dr. Smith lives in Virginia with his wife Margaret, five horses, six cats, and dog.

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