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Bob Ryan, an AMS Member, a Fellow of the AMS, an AMS Certified Broadcast Meteorologist, an AMS Certified Consulting Meteorologist, and the AMS President for 1993, is lead meteorologist on the 11PM News on ABC7/WJLA-TV in Arlington, Virginia. He also heads digital weather development at ABC7/WJLA-TV. Mr. Ryan has served the Washington D.C. area as a broadcast meteorologist for more than 30 years. He began his career in the atmospheric sciences as an associate researcher in the Physics Section with Arthur D. Little Inc. in Cambridge, Massachusetts, where he conducted research in cloud physics. He has BS (physics) and MS (atmospheric science) degrees from the New York State University at Albany. While at ADL Mr. Ryan began to work part time as a broadcast meteorologist in Boston. Eventually his broadcast career became full time and his research career part time. He became the principal meteorologist with Channel 5, WCVB-TV in Boston, and the first meteorologist to regularly appear on the Today Show from 1978-1980. Before joining ABC7/WJLA-TV, Mr. Ryan was Chief Meteorologist at NBC4 in Washington, D.C., where he initiated and supported many one-of-a-kind programs. For 25 years, his annual Almanac provided weather and environmental information and data to readers, and raised over $600,000 for local children's charities. He created and oversaw a program which, with corporate partners, placed more than 400 interactive weather stations in area schools, which is now the WeatherBug network at ABC7/WJLA-TV. The project gives students a hands-on introduction to meteorology and what science really is and provides opportunities for practical applications of their science, math and geography studies. Mr. Ryan was also co-investigator for a NASA supported project which led to one of the first television weather sites on the Internet. Outside his news and ABC7/WJLA-TV weather department duties, Mr. Ryan remains actively involved in his science. He has served the American Meteorological Society as Chair of the Board on Broadcast Meteorology, Commissioner of Professional Affairs, Member of the Council of the Society and as the only broadcast meteorologist elected President of the AMS. Additionally Mr. Ryan has been called to testify before various committees of Congress and recently served on the National Academy of Science's Board of Atmospheric Sciences and Climate. He has also served on report committees of the National Research Council and the Advisory Committee of the Geosciences Directorate of the National Science Foundation. Over his career he has received numerous awards including regional Emmys for Weathercasting and the Ted Yates Emmy for outstanding service to the community. Mr. Ryan has received the University at Albany Distinguished Alumni Award, the Charles Franklin Brooks Award from the AMS, for his outstanding service, and was one of the 1996 Washingtonians of the Year. Mr. Ryan is most proud of his recognition as husband and father. He resides with his family in Virginia.

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