Kevin J Rennert, PhD

Kevin J Rennert, PhD's photo
Kevin J Rennert
Senate Energy and Natural
Resources Committee
304 Dirksen Senate Building
Washington, DC 20510


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Kevin Rennert is a member of the Professional Staff of the United States Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee in Washington, D.C. Previously he was the 2008-2009 AMS-UCAR Congressional Science Fellow, where he worked with the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee on issues related to climate change. Dr. Rennert has a bachelors degree in physics from Grinnell College and a PhD degree from University of Washington in atmospheric science. His doctoral research focused on the impacts of climate change on Arctic ecosystems and permafrost, as well as on the role that extreme weather events play in affecting more slowly varying patterns of temperature and precipitation. His postdoctoral research used climate models to understand rapid climate changes of the past and to determine their relevance for today's climate. Prior to pursuing a doctorate, he spent 3 years supporting high-energy physics experiments at the Stanford Linear Accelerator Center as a technician and software engineer. Dr. Rennert is an avid backpacker, kayaker, and photographer.

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