Kenneth W (Ken) Reeves

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Kenneth W Reeves
AccuWeather, Inc.
born 1961, died 2012

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Ken Reeves, an AMS Member, was Vice President and General Manager for the AccuWeather Television Network, Director of Forecasting Operations, and Expert Senior Meteorologist at AccuWeather, Inc. in State College, Pennsylvania. At various times over his 29-year career at AccuWeather, he played a major role in providing quality service to a wide array of clients worldwide. He supervised AccuWeather's entire staff of operational meteorologists that provide customized weather forecasting services to over 250,000 clients worldwide, including international media, more than 180 of the Fortune 500 companies, government agencies and private subscribers. Mr. Reeves served on the AMS Energy Committee, which is organized under the Board of Enterprise Economic Development in the AMS Commission on the Weather and Climate Enterprise. He presented 30 papers at professional conferences as well as to major organizations regarding disaster risk and mitigation along with preparation. Mr. Reeves conducted over 1,000 interviews for print, television and Internet media, guest lectured at several universities, and appeared on Fox, CNN, MSNBC, NBC, ABC and PBS network news programs.

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