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Jon Nese, an AMS Member, and a holder of the AMS Broadcast Seal of Approval, is Senior Lecturer in the Department of Meteorology at Penn State University where he teaches a variety of undergraduate courses, including Introduction to Weather Analysis, Synoptic Meteorology Laboratory, and Weather and Risk. He also writes and produces weekly informational features for Penn State's weather magazine show Weather World. Dr. Nese has a Ph.D. degree from Penn State (1989) and, prior to joining the Penn State faculty in 2005, worked as Chief Meteorologist at the Franklin Institute in Philadelphia and as on-air Storm Analyst at The Weather Channel (2002–2005). Dr. Nese has authored or co-authored ten journal articles and two books: The Philadelphia Area Weather Book, which received the 2005 Louis J. Battan Author's Award from the American Meteorological Society; and a college-level introductory textbook A World of Weather: Fundamentals of Meteorology, now in its fifth edition.

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