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Marjorie McGuirk, an active AMS Member since 1976, and a member of the AMS Board on Global Strategies (2014–2017), is a meteorologist and consultant in climate arts and sciences in Asheville, North Carolina. She works to build collaborative projects with industry, academia, and professional trade associations. As an expert consultant to the World Meteorological Organization, she is a contributing author of the Global Framework for Climate Services Implementation Plan and principal author of the User Interface Platform Annex, which underpins international collaboration on climate services.

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Formerly with the United States National Climatic Data Center in Asheville, Ms McGuirk was Special Advisor to the Director, Tom Karl. In recent years she served as NCDC's Chief of Staff and also as National Partnership Liaison with the Regional Climate Centers and the American Association of State Climatologists. Working in fields such as aviation, agriculture, energy, hydrology, landscaping, and instrumentation, she supported WMO Commissions and also worked for NOAA's National Weather Service ASOS Project and Office of Oceanic and Atmospheric Research Wind Profiler Project. Ms McGuirk was a contributing author to the USGCRP Strategic Plan for Sustained Assessments. She was instrumental in the development of the Climate Change and Society Master of Liberal Arts degree at the University of North Carolina Asheville. She ia a strong contributor to the NEMAC program in structured decision modeling and spearheaded NCDC's contribution to the American Planning Association's handbook, Planning for Our Energy and Climate Future. Ms McGuirk is a member of Appalachian State University's External Advisory Board on Research Institute for Environment, Energy, and Economics, the Blue Ridge Sustainability Institute, the AB-Sustainable Communities Initiatives, Asheville's HUB for economic development in climate, and a Board Member of Asheville Sister Cities. She has published on the topics of climate services, data managing, instruments, and on climate change impacts on US transportation systems for the US National Research Council.

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