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Heather Lazrus, a former AMS Member, is an environmental anthropologist at the National Center for Atmospheric Research in Boulder, Colorado. Using the theories and methods of anthropology, Dr.Lazrus investigates the cultural mechanisms through which all weather and climate risks are perceived, experienced, and addressed. She focuses on the interface between extreme weather and climate change. Her research contributes to improving the utility of weather forecasts and warnings, reducing social vulnerability to atmospheric and related hazards, and understanding community and cultural adaptations to climate change. Her University of Washington PhD dissertation, Weathering the Waves: Climate Change, Politics, and Vulnerability in Tuvalu, is an ethnographic examination of the political ecology of climate change impacts and the governance of vulnerability in a Pacific Island community. Current research projects survey public perceptions of and behavior regarding flash floods (among residents of Boulder, Colorado), hurricanes (among vulnerable populations in Miami, Florida), and droughts (among water users in south-central Oklahoma). Dr. Lazrus founded and serves on the American Anthropological Association Task Force on Climate Change. She is dedicated to promoting meaningful social science engagement with weather and climate research and applications, including co-organizing sessions at recent American Meteorological Society annual meetings on Ways of Knowing that bring social scientists from diverse disciplines into discussions with meteorologists and climatologists about alternative ways of understanding our world. Prior to joining NCAR Dr. Lazrus was a postdoctoral research associate at the University of Oklahoma in Norman.

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