Conrad C Lautenbacher, Jr, FAMS, PhD, USN VADM (ret)

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Conrad Lautenbacher, an AMS Member, is Vice President for Science Programs for the Computer Sciences Corporation's Applied Technology Group in Fort Worth, Texas. He is also President of Antarctic Research Support. A native of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Dr Lautenbacher retired from the United States Navy as a Vice Admiral. He is a former Undersecretary for Oceans and Atmosphere in the United States Department of Commerce and Administrator of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. He has significant experience in managing one of the world's largest research and science support infrastructures, NOAA, as well as numerous tours of duty engaged in leading and managing large scale military support and combat operations. Dr Lautenbacher is currently engaged in expanding CSC expertise to support national research and presence in the polar areas of the globe. These regions are of increasing significance both for scientific research in such fields as climate change, ocean circulation and atmospheric modeling as well as being of great value for numerous national security priorities such as energy, transportation, and peaceful presence. He has MS and PhD degrees from Harvard University in applied mathematics. As Under Secretary of Commerce for Oceans and Atmosphere and Administrator of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration for seven years, he directed an extensive review and reorganization of the NOAA corporate structure to meet the environmental challenges of the 21st century. Dr Lautenbacher spearheaded the development of the international organization known as the Group on Earth Observation, a ministerial level body, with now more than 75 nations and 51 international and intergovernmental organizations participating. GEO is dedicated to work toward a common goal of building a sustained Global Earth Observation System of Systems that would collect and disseminate data, information, and knowledge to stakeholders and decision makers for the benefit of all nations individually and the world community collectively. For example, understanding and developing policies regarding climate change absolutely depend on building a successful global climate observation system. He was president and CEO of the Consortium for Oceanographic Research and Education, now known as the Consortium for Ocean Leadership. This not-for-profit organization has a membership of 76 institutions of higher learning and a mission to increase basic knowledge and public support across the spectrum of ocean sciences. Before joining CORE, Dr Lautenbacher formed his own management consultant business, CEREBRUM, Inc. and worked principally for defense industries. Dr Lautenbacher is a graduate of the United States Naval Academy class of 1964, and has won accolades for his performance in a broad range of operational, command and staff positions both ashore and afloat. Command experience includes tours as Commanding Officer of USS HEWITT (DD-966), and as Commander Naval Station Norfolk, the Navy's largest naval station. While in command of Cruiser-Destroyer Group Five, he deployed to Saudi Arabia with additional duties as Commander, US Naval Forces Central Command Riyadh, during Operations Desert Shield and Desert Storm. Functioning as the deputy Naval Component Commander, he was in charge of daily operational planning for Navy participation in the air war and was the navy representative to the Commander in Chief, Central Command. A leader in the introduction of cutting-edge information technology, he pioneered the use of information technology to mount large-scale operations using sea-based command and control while Commander US Third Fleet. As assistant for strategy with the Chief of Naval Operations Executive Panel, and program planning branch head in the Navy Program Planning Directorate, he continued to hone his analytic skills resulting in designation as a specialist both in Operations Analysis and Financial Management. During his final tour of duty, he served as deputy chief of Naval Operations (Resources, Warfare Requirements and Assessments) in charge of Navy programs and budget. A recognized expert in operations research, financial management, and fluid dynamics, Dr Lautenbacher served as a Federal Executive Fellow at the Brookings Institution and has been a sought-after guest lecturer in a variety of academic settings.

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