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JE Jones Consulting of Laurel, Maryland is owned and operated by John Jones. It provides assistance to developing countries interested in modernizing their national meteorological services. The company can prepare reports assessing the capacity of a national meteorological organization. Other capabilities include preparing Strategic Plans, Succession Plans, and Training Plans. In 2009, JE Jones Consulting worked with I M Systems Group Inc to develop a proposal to modernize the Vietnam Hydro-Meteorological Service. In 2010 JE Jones Consulting was part of an IMSG team preparing a Feasibility Study for the modernization of the Ghana Meteorological Agency. The study was funded by a grant from the US Trade and Development Agency. JE Jones and IMSG are also competing for other USTDA Feasibility Studies in other countries. JE Jones Consulting prepared a report for the World Bank on the Capacity of African National Meteorological and Hydrological Services. That report was done in spring, 2010 and is still being reviewed by the World Bank for future action.

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