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Ilse Gayl, an AMS Member, is the CEO, co-founder, and principal partner of OneRain Inc.. Ms. Gayl has been helping to provide information for critical missions since 1988. Her own mission is to create a company that serves its community; being useful is her primary calling. Her vision has guided OneRain from its start in professional integration services, through providing software products, and into 24/7-supported, real-time data services. Under Ilse's leadership, OneRain has moved ahead to provide high quality information about rainfall and its consequences to agencies with high value and mission critical applications. Her experience with highly available, distributed information systems underlies her vision for OneRain. As a business leader in the hydrology domain, Ilse has participated in advancing hydrologic monitoring and warning systems for more than 20 years. She has successfully advocated public-private partnerships in environmental monitoring and presented papers on real-time information systems domestically and internationally. Ms. Gayl believes it is vital to participate in and serve her community. Serving as a member of the Board of Directors of the National Hydrologic Warning Council and as Chair of the ALERT2 NHWC committee from 2006-2011, she is helping to lead the ongoing growth and success of hydrologic monitoring. Ms. Gayl continues to support the University of Colorado in training young telecomm and business executives. She has served on the CU Engineering School Interdisciplinary Telecommunications Program's Advisory Board, including as Board Chair (2003-2005), since 2001. Prior to leading OneRain, Ms. Gayl co-founded and led Classworks, a high-level training resource for telecommunications industry engineers. Classworks was very early with a model for Internet-based training that included on-line teacher student interactions in real time. Classworks served advanced engineering training to Lucent, Vision Service Plan, and U.S. military clients in the United States, Singapore, and China. The Classworks business case won the CU Business School's Business Case Competition in 1997. Ms. Gayl also worked at SCC Inc., today Intrado. While at SCC, she supported the company building the next generation of E9-1-1 information services by helping to develop the first regulatory business case for a non-LEC company performing E9-1-1 services on behalf of the phone companies. Today, virtually all of the United States depends on Intrado to ensure 9-1-1 calls are routed accurately for emergency response.

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