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Bruce Carmichael is Director of the Aviation Applications Program in the Research Applications Laboratory, at the National Center for Atmospheric Research in Boulder, Colorado. The AAP works to improve weather information for pilots, dispatchers, and controllers, particularly related to the hazards of thunderstorms, turbulence, icing, winter weather, and ceiling/visibility. Dr Carmichael has also been involved in system engineering of improved Federal Aviation Administration automation and weather systems. For the past 33 years he has been involved with the aviation industry in automation of maintenance processes, air traffic control, and weather information. His professional life includes 44 years of experience spanning a number of activities including university teaching, commercial research, government service, consulting, and academic research. He has served on the JPDO Weather IPT as the Co-lead of the Forecasting Group, the FAA Research, Engineering, and Development Advisory Committee ATM/Weather Integration Study Group, and currently serves as chairman of the NBAA Weather Committee and a member of the RTCA Task Force on Midterm NextGen Implementation. For the past seventeen years he has coordinated the Friends/Partners in Aviation Weather activity, a grass roots government/industry group which brings together the weather provider community and diverse user community to discuss topics of common interest. Dr Carmichael has a BS degree in mathematics from the University of New Mexico, an MS degree in applied mathematics from Northwestern University, and a PhD in computer science from the University of Maryland. Dr Carmichael is also an active commercial instrument-rated pilot with over 35 years of flight experience.

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