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Richard E Carbone
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Rit Carbone, an AMS Member, and a Fellow of the AMS, is Science Advisor to the Earth Observing Laboratory and Senior Scientist at UCAR's National Center for Atmospheric Research in Boulder, Colorado. He received a BS degree in meteorology and oceanography at New York University and an SM degree in atmospheric physics at the University of Chicago. He began his professional career as an NWS meteorologist at Bradley Field in Hartford, Connecticut. Later he joined Grumman Aerospace Corporation as an operations analyst on Long Island, New York. After leaving the University of Chicago he headed west to lead the Atmospheric Physics Group at Meteorology Research Inc. in Altadena, California. Mr. Carbone joined NCAR in 1976 and was Director of its Atmospheric Technology Division from 1989 to 1994. He has chaired the World Meteorological Organization's World Weather Research Programme in Geneva and has served as vice-president for the International Union of Geodesy & Geophysics. In 2005 Mr. Carbone founded The Institute for Integrative and Multidisciplinary Earth Studies (TIIMES) at NCAR. Mr. Carbone has published more than 100 papers and book chapters on many topics including drop-size distributions, fronts and cyclones, tropical convection, topographically influenced circulations, radar remote sensing techniques, observing technologies, predictability of convection, weather impacts and related public policy. A pioneer in Doppler radar, he has published on physical processes in clouds and storms, topographically-influenced circulations, predictability of warm season rainfall, convection on tropical islands, and severe storms. Mr. Carbone became a Fellow of the American Meteorological Society in 1994. Among other honors, in 2001, he received the AMS Cleveland Abbe Award, for Distinguished Service to Atmospheric Science by an Individual. He was cited for "building consensus in the weather research community on problems of major national and international importance, and for fostering the conduct of collaborative and coordinated weather research." In 2002, Mr. Carbone received the NCAR Publication Prize and served as a Sigma Xi Distinguished Lecturer. He is a member of Sigma Xi, has served on several NAS/NRC panels and committees, and is a member of the Board on Atmospheric Sciences and Climate. He also serves on the NOAA Climate Working Group. Mr. Carbone is a member of the Council of the American Meteorological Society and its Executive Committee.

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