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Andrea J. Bleistein
Science and Service Integration · Deputy Weather-Ready Nation
NOAA National Weather Service
Tel: 301.713.1698 x168 · Cell: 240-676-2416

Andrea Bleistein, an AMS Member, is the National Weather Service Science and Service Integration Deputy supporting NOAA's Weather-Ready Nation initiatives and the NWS WRN Roadmap. Prior to this assignment, from 2011 to 2012, Ms. Bleistein served as a policy advisor to NOAA's Assistant Secretary for Environmental Observation and Prediction, Dr. Kathryn Sullivan, on weather and satellite issues. From 2010 to 2011, Ms. Bleistein detailed to NOAA External Affairs as Project Manager to assist with reaching out effectively to external audiences and to coordinate External Affairs projects with regards to NWS interests and NOAA as a whole. As a result of the Deepwater Horizon disaster, Ms. Bleistein also spent much time interacting with stakeholders in the Gulf Coast region working to organize community meetings and town halls as well as supporting NOAA personnel in the region who needed outreach materials and reach back to NOAA Headquarters. Before working at NOAA headquarters, Ms. Bleistein supported the NWS Director and Deputy Director as a member of their staff and worked in the NWS Office of Science and Technology focused on forecast uncertainty initiatives. In 2013, Ms. Bleistein will complete a Master's Degree in Science and Technology Studies through Virginia Tech with a focus on policy and sociology. She has a BS degree in meteorology from Pennsylvania State University. While enrolled at Penn State, she interned with National Weather Service Eastern Regional Headquarters and the State College Weather Forecast Office and Middle Atlantic River Forecast Center beginning in 2002. After graduating, Ms. Bleistein took a satellite controller position with NOAA's National Environmental Satellite Data Information Service. Ms. Bleistein has been an active member of the American Meteorological Society since 2002 and currently serves as co-chair on the Committee to Improve Climate Change Communication and as co-chair of the Board on Enterprise Planning. She was Vice-chair and Chairperson of the DC-AMS Local Chapter from 2007-2011.

2013 AMS Washington Forum
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2011 AMS Washington Forum
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