Paulette L Blanchard, BA

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Paulette L Blanchard
University of Oklahoma
Geography and Environmental
100 East Boyd St SEC 543
Norman OK 73019-1007

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Paulette Blanchard is a member of the Absentee Shawnee tribe and is a graduate student in the department of Geography and Environmental Sustainability, in the College of Atmospheric and Geographic Sciences at the University of Oklahoma at Norman. She also works with with Dr Renee McPherson and Dr Laurel Smith at the South Central Climate Science Center, a part of the United States Department of the Interior, to study the impacts of climate variability on Native Americans. Ms Blanchard has a BA degree in indigenous and American Indian studies from Haskell Indian Nations University in Lawrence Kansas, where she was an honors student and served as the parliamentarian for the Haskell Student Senate. Ms Blanchard interned with the Haskell Environmental Research Studies program researching the affects of climate change on the American Indians in Oklahoma. She has also interned with Kiksapa Consulting LLC on its work with the Global Climate Change Impacts in the United States Global Change Research Program. She was instrumental in the Oklahoma Inter-Tribal Meeting on Climate Variability and Change held in Norman Oklahoma at the United States National Weather Service in December 2011. This meeting was in collaboration with the Southern Climate Impact Planning Program, the Oklahoma Climatological Survey, and 21 tribes in Oklahoma to discuss climate issues in a working group roundtable format. The information collected contributed to the US Global Change Research Program National Assessment Report on Climate Change for 2013. Ms Blanchard is also a participating member of the Indigenous Peoples Climate Change Working Group (previously the American Indian, Alaskan Native Climate Change Working Group), that networks across the nation to address the national climate challenges among tribes. Her specific focus relates to the social science of climate change related to the American Indians. She anticipates working with tribes in Oklahoma and across the nation to address local climates change issues.

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