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Daniel L Birkenheuer
325 Broadway
Boulder CO 80305

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Dan Birkenheuer, an inactive AMS Member, is a meteorologist in the Forecast Applications Branch of the Global Systems Division of the Earth System Research Laboratory in Boulder, Colorado. Dr Birkenheuer is also a Cooperative Institute for Research in the Atmosphere Fellow. For much of his career his research has involved utilization of data from geostationary satellites, applying both sounder and imagery data from GOES, to initialize analysis and forecast models, with particular interest in water vapor. Dr Birkenheuer has collaborated with several people to bring new technologies, such as GPS-met (total precipitable water), into satellite retrieval science. Most recently, he facilitated the checkout of the new Li retrieval algorithm for operational GOES sounding processing. Dr Birkenheuer has four degrees in chemistry, meteorology, and physics.

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