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This profile, which was created in August 2011,
is now out of date and needs to be updated.
Mr. Berler is no longer employed by Mixon Hill.

Dan Berler, an inactive AMS Member, is a Principal at Mixon Hill, Inc., based in Washington, D.C. He has twenty five years of professional experience in transportation engineering, planning, policy development and implementation, and high-level program and project management. His technical focus has primarily been on advancing the state-of-the-practice and state-of-the-art of Intelligent Transportation Systems. As both a consultant and federal employee, he has worked across the industry and modes with all levels of decision makers, engineers and planners. He is an expert at high-level strategic planning, and is well known for his facilitation skills, his natural communications style, and his ability to synthesize complex, technical information for laypeople.

2011 AMS Summer Community Meeting
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