William R (Bill) Bergen, MS

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William R Bergen
Consortium for Ocean Leadership
1201 New York Ave NW 4th Floor
Washington DC 20005

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Bill Bergen, an AMS Member, and a Fellow of the AMS, is a Systems Engineer for the Consortium for Ocean Leadership, working on the OOI program. Although the Consortium for Ocean Leadership is headquartered in Washington, he is based in Boulder, Colorado. Until late 2012 Mr. Berges was an Engineering Fellow and Chief Engineer and Scientist at the Space Systems Division of the Raytheon Company in Aurora, Colorado. At Raytrheon, he designed and developed advanced ground systems for remote sensing satellites. As Chief Engineer, he provided technical direction and oversight to the Civil Systems business area that includes multiple programs for NASA, DoD, NOAA, and foreign customers. One of his duties was serving as the Chief Engineer for the Raytheon GOES-R program. Previously, he was the initial architect for the entire NPOESS ground system. As a Chief Scientist with Raytheon, Mr. Bergen oversaw programs of earth and space science applied research including complex end-to-end modeling and simulations of advanced space based instruments. Previously Mr. Bergen served as a Department Manager and Program Manager for numerous civilian and government efforts. Prior to joining Raytheon, Mr. Bergen developed interactive graphics systems for DoD, NOAA two and three-dimensional algorithms for correction of digital Doppler radar data, and enhancement techniques for satellite imagery. He has also worked as an NCAR scientist where he assisted in numerical model development for mountain waves and mesoscale convection. Mr. Bergen has over twenty publications in meteorology, satellite remote sensing, high-speed data processing, and systems engineering. He has a BS degree in aeronautics and an MS degree in environmental science from Miami University. In addition, he has completed postgraduate education in computer science and satellite remote sensing from the University of Colorado and University of Wisconsin-Madison.

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