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Randy Bass, an active AMS Member, is a member of the Aviation Weather Research Team with the Federal Aviation Administration in Washington, DC. Since June, 2012 he has managed the FAA's convective weather research program to improve weather support and mitigate impacts on aviation. He lead eight different research projects conducted by national research labs and private industry with a FY13 budget of $2.1M.

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Previously, for over 3 years, he was a Senior Meteorologist with the Geospatial Systems unit of Exelis Inc in Herndon, Virginia ...

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... and Exelis' predecessor (Exelis was spun off from ITT Corporation in October 2011). At Exelis and ITT, Mr Bass provided meteorological expertise related to the development of the Advanced Baseline Imager for GOES-R, the Cross-Track Infrared Sensor for the Joint Polar Satellite Program, and several new meteorological ground sensors and visualization systems. Before retiring in 2008, Mr Bass was a Weather Officer in the United States Air Force. During his USAF career he worked many years in the intelligence community on weather support and systems engineering issues. Overall he Mr Bass has broad experience in operational weather forecasting, both for aviation and satellite operations, as well as acquisition, program management, space weather and even a little weather policy. Mr Bass is an active member of several American Meteorological Society committees: the Membership Committee, the Environmental Information Processing Technology Committee, the Research to Operations Conference Planning Committee, and the the Nationwide Network of Networks Committee.

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