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Tyler J. Allison
Allison House LLC
2206 N Main Ste 166
Wheaton, IL 60187

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Tyler Allison is the President and Chief executive Officer of AllisonHouse LLC in Wheaton, Illinois. Mr. Allison grew up in Southern California where severe weather only involves deviations from 75 degrees and sunny. Not until moving to the Midwest early in his professional career did he experience his first true severe thunderstorm. In 2003, while searching for a more effective way to obtain severe weather data for personal use, he developed the prototype of what would later become AllisonHouse LLC. In his free time Mr. Allison is the primary developer and manager of the Spotter Network, a nonprofit company pushing the envelop of technology integration between storm spotters/chasers, the National Weather Service, and other public entities. Mr. Allison has had a long and varied career. At one time or another he has been a storm chaser, network engineer, security manager for the largest research super computing facility in the world, computer security consultant, computer forensic investigator, firearms instructor, software developer, ham radio operator, gardener, beekeeper, Jeep owner, backpacker, home remodeler, Whisky snob, tinkerer, husband and father. He is driven by new challenges, learning something new and doing things that folks believe either can not be done or are too hard to do. Mr. Allison lives in Wheaton, Illinois with his wife and two children. His goal is to settle down in rural America and work on personally important and challenging projects.

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