2008 AMS Summer Community Meeting
11–13 August 2008
Main Seminar Room · NCAR Table Mesa Laboratory · Boulder, Colorado
Meeting Purpose

The American Meteorological Society, its Commission on the Weather and Climate Enterprise, and its Board on Enterprise Communication are proud to work with AMS Community members from all sectors (public, private, and academic), on a continuing basis, to advance the ability of the weather, water, and climate Community to meet our nation's, and the world's demand for products and services relating to weather, water, climate, and other closely allied fields. An important tool to help accomplish this objective is the AMS Summer Community Meeting. Held each August, at a location that is home to a concentration of Community members, the AMS Summer Community Meeting provides a venue for discussing timely topics of broad Community interest.

Agenda, Participants, and Slides

Hint: First download the agenda and list of participants by clicking on the links above. After you have located the talks and speakers of interest, you can view the PowerPoint slides (.pps) by clicking on the links below.

Monday, 11 August 2008

Session 1: Communicating and Connecting

Session 2: Advances in Communication

Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Session 3: Weather/Climate Interface

Session 4: Weather and Climate Observations

Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Session 5: Communicating Community Priorities

AMS Summer Community Meeting Adjourns

Meeting of the Steering Committee of the AMS Enterprise Commission

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