2007 AMS Corporate Forum · 22-23 March 2007

ASAE Conference Center · 1575 Eye Street NW · Washington DC 20005
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Day 1: Thursday, 22 March 2007
7:30 AM Continental Breakfast
8:25 AM Welcome by the Master of Ceremonies, Bill Mahoney
8:30 AM Welcome by the AMS President-Elect, Walt Dabberdt
8:45 AM Session 1: New Sources of Weather and Climate Data, Jim O'Sullivan, Session Chair. This session focuses on new sources of weather and climates sensors that may provide business, scientific, and operations opportunities. Topics include CASA, phased array radar, ocean observations, advanced satellite, and vehicle based surface observations.
10:15 AM Networking/Refreshment Break
10:30 AM Session 2: Agency Initiatives, Plans, and Opportunities, Brenda Philips, Session Chair. Each agency speaker is asked to look ahead one to five years and identify future programs and initiatives that may lead to business opportunities for AMS Corporate Members.
12:00 PM Luncheon
Guest speaker Dave McLaughlin, Director of the Center for Collaborative Adaptive Sensing of the Atmosphere at the University of Massachusetts Amherst, talks about the CASA Program.
1:30 PM Session 3: Panel Discussion on Advocacy for Weather and Climate Science, Bill Mahoney, Moderator. Panelists George Frederick, Bob Plante, Cindy Schmidt, and Keith Seitter discuss how the weather and climate community can come together to speak with one voice on matters that will impact the entire enterprise.
3:45 PM Networking/Refreshment Break
4:00 PM Session 4: Climate Change—Provision of Improved Climate Services, Josh Foster, Session Chair. NOAA, an active participant in the U.S.Climate Change Science Program, wants to engage the weather and climate community in discussions on the provision of climate services. In response, AMS has assembled an Ad Hoc Committee on Climate Services. This session is an opportunity for Committee members and others to exchange information.
5:00 PM Open Discussion, Bill Mahoney, Moderator
5:15 PM Adjourn for Dinner
5:30 PM Reconvene at Tuscana West Restaurant
6:00 PM Banquet
Guest speaker, the Honorable Mark Udall, Member of the U.S. House of Representatives (Democrat, Colorado); Member of the House Committee on Science; and Ranking Member of House the Space and Aeronautics Subcommittee. View his Prepared Remarks.
Day 2: Friday, 23 March 2007
7:30 AM Continental Breakfast
8:25 AM Call to Order by the Master of Ceremonies, Bill Mahoney
8:30 AM Session 5: Panel Discussion on Legislative Topics, George Frederick, Moderator. Discussion topics include news and issues relating to the weather and climate enterprise, with emphasis on progress made on programs and pending legislation that may provide opportunities for AMS members. These include, but are not limited to, NASA’s Earth Science Program, homeland security, hurricane response, and the Federal budget appropriations outlook for NASA, NOAA, NIST,and NSF for weather and climate related activities.
10:00 AM Networking/Refreshment Break
10:30 AM Session 6: Weather, Climate and Water Resoures, Jean Vieux and Pam Emch, Session Chairs. Stakeholders in the the water resources community discuss water scarcity, policy issues related to increased need for water management, needs for weather and climate products and information, business aspects of water management, and opportunities for addressing needs.
11:45 AM Wrap-Up, Bill Mahoney
12:00 PM Corporate Forum Adjourned

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