AMS Washington Forum

AMS Public-Private Partnership Forum

The objective of the AMS Washington Forum is to bring together key members of the community, government agencies, and policy makers, to discuss ongoing programs, new initiatives, and policy issues. The overall goal of the Forum is to identify business opportunities for all AMS members representing all sectors. The Forum is held annually in the Washington, D.C. area in the spring. The program includes budget and program updates by senior government agency officials and congressional staff members representing authorization and appropriation committees. Also included are sessions on current topics and issues relevant to all sectors.

The meeting format is designed to encourage a lively interaction among the attendees and speakers, with many opportunities for one-on-one and small group networking. The forum is open to all interested AMS members to encourage productive communications within and across sector boundaries.

2013 Washington Forum Summary (PDF)

2012 Washing Forum Summary (PDF)


AMS Users Forum

AMS Public-Private Partnership Forum

The objective of the AMS Users Forum is to bring together commercial end users of weather and climate information and members of the weather and climate enterprise from all sectors – public, private, and academic. Forum speakers are asked to focus on needs for weather and climate information, recent successes and failures in the use of products, and other aspects of products and services as they relate to the end user and decision maker. The Forum provides an excellent opportunity for weather and climate product end users to engage the enterprise and vice versa. The Forum is held each year during the AMS Washington Forum.