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Application and Instructions (PDF)


Current Recipents (PDF)

Past Recipents (PDF)


Program Snapshot

Total awarded: $4.3 million

Total recipients: 286

Gender ratio: past 20 years—17:8 (m/f); past 5 years—3:2 (m/f)

Applicants: about 70 per year

Recipients: 14 per year

Stipend: $24,000 over 9 months

Since its beginning in 1991, the program has grown and is now represented by students from over 40 educational institutions and over 60 corporate and governmental partners. The majors represented have nearly tripled to a current twenty disciplines currently represented.


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What are recipients saying?

AMS has commitment to policy and industry that is different from other fellowship-granting academic societies.

I have benefited tremendously from the networking and career development opportunities courtesy of the AMS.

I was thankful to receive one and it helped immensely!

The best thing about receiving the fellowship was meeting the many leaders in the field at the subsequent AMS conference meeting.  They were inspiring and definitely impacted my staying in research.

Networking was invaluable and directly led to my entry into NWS.

The trips were a really great aspect that you don't get in most fellowships.  It's a great program!

It was an amazing experience to visit the NOAA and NASA offices and to network with some of the top executives there.

The fellowship gave me the opportunity to choose where I went to graduate school
and what I wanted to study…. This allowed me to get creative in my studies and actually work on things that interested me.

Having received the fellowship greatly enhanced my potential for getting jobs in my field. It was also a great motivator given the weight of responsibility that went with the award.

AMS Fellowship helped give me freedom to explore academic and non-academic career options while still in grad school.

I would have not been able to come to the school I really wanted…if not for this fellowship.

By the time my second year started, I had collected almost all of my thesis data. My thesis committee members commented that I was far ahead of where the average second year student was at that time. I truly believe that I have the AMS Fellowship to thank for this.


AMS Graduate Fellowship Program

Graduate FellowsThe AMS Fellowship Program is a source of scholarships, useful resources, and unique opportunities for outstanding students looking to pursue graduate education in the atmospheric or related sciences. To date, 286 students have been designated as AMS fellowship recipients. The program helps these first-year graduate students to be educated about unique challenges facing the world so that they may better tackle these real-world issues after graduation. With fellowships come several benefits, including financial support to maintain a full course load over their first year of graduate study, the opportunity to be special guests at the AMS Annual Meeting and exclusive events therein, a unique tour of several agencies in the Washington DC area, and ongoing academic and career advocation and support from AMS.

Eligibility Requirements

To be eligible to apply for a fellowship, a student must…

  • be entering his or her first year of graduate study in the fall of the current year;
  • be pursuing a related full-time course of study in the atmospheric, oceanic, or hydrologic sciences over a full academic year;
  • have a minimum grade point average of 3.25 on a 4.0 scale;
  • be a U.S. citizen or hold permanent resident status (there are no age restrictions);


A $24,000 stipend will be presented to each fellowship recipient for a nine-month period in the academic year. In addition, fellowship recipients will receive partial travel support to attend the AMS Annual Meeting.

Application Process

Application and Instructions (PDF)
AMS GRE code #3819
16 January 2015 Deadline

Prospective candidates from the fields of atmospheric sciences, chemistry, computer sciences, engineering, environmental sciences, hydrology, mathematics, oceanography, and physics are encouraged to apply. A candidate must download the application, complete all six sections, and send it to the address below. With the completed application should be three written references, relevant official transcripts, and GRE score reports (institution code #3819). Applications and written references can be sent via email to, or by postal mail to the following address (transcripts and GREs must be submitted via postal mail):

                  AMS Fellowship Program
                  45 Beacon Street
                  Boston, MA 02108

All applications must be received or postmarked by the deadline date of16 January 2015. Supporting materials are to be postmarked no later than one week after that deadline.


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