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Comment Deadline 10 February


Provide Comments on Support for Statistical Sciences in NSF

Dear AMS Colleague,

The AMS has received a request from the StatSNSF committee charged by National Science Foundation (NSF) with examining the current structure of support of the statistical sciences within the National Science Foundation (NSF). The committee has chosen to interpret statistics at NSF broadly, indeed extending it to embrace data science, defined as the science of planning, acquisition, management, analysis of, and inference from data.

The StatSNSF Committee has been charged, in part, to provide (1) recommendations for ways to better structure and support statistical sciences across the NSF and (2) recommendations for means of enhancing the role of statistics in data-intensive science as an integral segment of data initiatives being developed within NSF. The charge to the committee can be found at:
The Society has been asked to collect and summarize comments from AMS members for the committee. Although comments on any aspect of its charge are welcome, the committee is especially interested in hearing comments on questions such as:

(1) What should NSF do to further promote and facilitate the appropriate development of this multidisciplinary field of data science? Are there management structures that should be considered?

(2) Is research support in data science or related fields not requested from NSF because it lacks a home? If so, what might be a possible remedy?

(3) Are there complex or massive data problems that might be amenable to joint attack by several different disciplines?
(4) Are there disciplinary areas that could benefit from data science methodologies that are already being employed in other areas?

(5) Are you aware of simultaneous development of data science methods for different fields that might benefit from cross fertilization?

Please send your comments by 10 February 2013 to

Thanks much for your help with this important activity.


Barbara Brown, Chair
AMS Probability and Statistics STAC Committee


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