AMS Ocean Studies - Week One - Investigation 1B Answer Form
(Complete as directed by your instructor)

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  1. (stream flow) (groundwater flow) (both processes)

  2. (precipitation) (evaporation)

  3. (water vapor) (energy) (water vapor and energy)

  4. (humid) (dry)

  5. (Northern) (Southern)

  6. (eastward) (westward)

  7. (eastward) (westward)

  8. (do) (do not)

  9. (heat energy) (water mass) (heat energy and water mass)

  10. (decreases) (increases)

  11. (are) (are not)

  12. (land to ocean) (ocean to land)

  13. (Atlantic Ocean) (Gulf of Mexico)

  14. (solar energy) (gravity) (Earth's rotation)

  15. (solar energy) (gravity) (Earth's rotation)

  16. (partly) (completely)

  17. (smallest) (second smallest) (second largest) (largest)

  18. (does) (does not)

  19. (smallest) (second smallest) (second largest) (largest)
  20. (are) (are not)

  21. (smallest) (largest) (second largest) (third largest)

  22. (Northern) (Southern) 

  23. (smallest) (second smallest) (second largest) (largest)

  24. (second) (third) (fourth)

  25. (Humbolt) (Weddell) (South Pacific) (Antarctic Circumpolar) Current

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