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Integration of AMS Ocean Studies with Course Management Systems

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AMS Ocean Studies can be fully integrated into an e-learning environment. The Investigations Manual, Current Ocean Studies learning activities, and test banks can be ported into your Course Management System's quizzing function for automated scoring and immediate student feedback. We provide course management system-compatible files in Respondus format, software for which many campuses are licensed. Respondus is compatible with most course management systems, including Blackboard, WebCT, Desire2Learn, ANGEL, eColleges, and those importing IMS QTI formatted files. If you do not have access to Respondus, you can download a free trial version.

Using Respondus, AMS Ocean Studies files can be ported into your course management system through any easy three step process. Please e-mail us to obtain example files.

STEP 1. Obtain the AMS Ocean Studies file you desire - We provide Respondus-compatible files both in formatted text (*.txt) and Archived Respondus (*.rsa) formats. Text files can be imported into Respondus and *.rsa files can be directly opened in the program. The file type you choose to work with is a matter of preference. The Faculty CD contains test bank files, the CD and Faculty Website contain Investigations Manual files, and the Faculty Website contains Current Ocean Studies files.

STEP 2. Open the AMS Ocean Studies file in Respondus - First open Respondus and set your Current Personality to the course management system you use. To open a *.txt file, go to the "Start" tab, click on "Import Questions", browse to locate your file, and enter the appropriate fields. To open a *.rsa file, go to that "Start" tab, click on "Open", click on the "Archive" button, and then Browse to the location of your file. Once the archived file is restored to a full Respondus file, open that file. Upon opening the file you may directly upload to your course management website or edit questions as desired and then publish.

STEP 3. Publish the AMS Ocean Studies file to your course management website - Click on the "Preview & Publish" tab and enter your local fields to publish the file to your website.

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