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Each chapter opens with a Case-in-Point, an authentic, relevant, and real-life event or issue that highlights or applies one or more of the main concepts covered in the chapter. In essence, the Case-in-Point previews the chapter and is intended to engage reader interest early on.

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Climate Studies: Introduction to Climate Science

Climate Studies textbook
  • Complete turnkey package that can be easily implemented by any faculty member with some science-saavy
  • Focuses on the science, while still addressing societal impacts that draw the attention of todays students
  • A great primer for students entering 'green' technical programs
  • Help your students to become responsible and scientifically-literate participants in the discussions that dominate climate science today
  • An ideal course to expand your current online lab science offerings

The AMS Climate Studies course is a complete, turnkey package suitable for many types of instruction including face-to-face lecture/lab, completely online, or blended/hybrid.

The introductory college-level climate science course is comprised of the Climate Studies textbook, eInvestigations Manual, secure Course and Faculty Websites, and Faculty Resource CD. The full-color hardcover text, written by Dr. Joseph M. Moran, includes 15 chapters exploring the elements of Earth's climate system. Course management system-compatible files allow for full integration into an e-learning environment.

The Climate Studies text may be used in conjuction with the Investigations Manual and course website (license required) or by itself (license not required). If you are a faculty member interested in using the Climate Studies textbook in a current or future course offering, you can request an examination copy of the Text and eInvestigations Manual.

Orders for the Climate Studies textbook and/or other course materials (for Fall Semester 2013) can be placed through your college bookstore. Go to the Order Class Materials page for details.

Brief Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Climate Science for Today's World (pg. 1) (copyright notice)
Chapter 2: Monitoring Earth's Climate System (pg. 33)
Chapter 3: Planetary Energy Budget in Earth's Climate System (pg. 67)
Chapter 4: Thermal Response of the Climate System (pg. 101)
Chapter 5: Water in Earth's Climate System (pg. 133)
Chapter 6: Global Atmospheric Circulation (pg. 169)
Chapter 7: Atmospheric Circulation and Regional Climates (pg. 205)
Chapter 8: Climate and Air/Sea Interactions (pg. 245)
Chapter 9: The Climate Record: Paleoclimates (pg. 277)
Chapter 10: Instrument-based Climate Record and Climatology Severe Weather (pg. 309)
Chapter 11: Natural Causes of Climate Change (pg. 345)
Chapter 12: Anthropogenic Climate Change and the Future (pg. 371)
Chapter 13: Climate Classification (pg. 399)
Chapter 14: Responding to Climate Change (pg. 423)
Chapter 15: Climate Change and Public Policy (pg. 453)
Appendix I: Conversion Factors (pg. 473)
Apendix II: Milestones in the History of Climate Science (pg. 475)
Glossary (pg. 483)
Index (pg. 509)

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