AMS Climate Studies - Week One - Investigation 1A Answer Form
(Complete as directed by your instructor)

Name: __________________________

  1. (in the middle of the global view) (along Earth’s visible circumference) (over the continents)

  2. (more ocean than land) (about the same amount of land as ocean) (more land than ocean)

  3. (Baffin Island of Canada) (Greenland) (Iceland)

  4. (whitish) (greenish) (brownish)

  5. (empirical) (dynamic)

  6. (dynamic) (empirical)

  7. (dynamically) (empirically)

  8. (dynamic) (empirical)

  9. (dynamic) (empirical)

  10. (dynamic) (empirical)

  11. (empirically) (dynamically)

  12. (dynamically) (empirically)

  13. (almost all) (about half) (few)

  14. (ocean) (hydrological cycle) (cryosphere) (land surface)

  15. (random) (orderly)

  16. (dynamic) (empirical)

  17. (minor) (major)

  18. (sustainable development strategies) (long-term stewardship of our Earthly environment) (both of these)

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