Chapter News
September 2010


             On September 16th, the Chapter held a business meeting to coordinate future plans.  It was noted the Secretary-Treasurer Heesch has received orders and will be moving in November and will need to have a replacement.  It was decided that the President will appoint an interim Secretary-Treasurer until elections in January. 

              We also looked forward to plans for the next few months and how we want to build up membership levels and participation within the Chapter and after elections to focus hard on public outreach in the spring and leading into Hurricane Season. 

              President Will Davis, CCM will be attending the AMS Annual Meeting in Seattle and plans are in the works to create a Chapter Poster for the meeting highlighting our rebuilding effort and our member’s efforts in supporting Deepwater Horizon Operations. 

              The Chapter is looking forward to another exciting meeting on October 21st in Biloxi, Mississippi. Please come visit us if you are in the area. Contact the Secretary-Treasurer at for more information.---Jonathan R. Heesch.



The first meeting of the Central Oklahoma Chapter of the American Meteorological Society/National Weather Association (COCAMS/NWA) for the 2010-2011 year was held on September 20, 2010 at Sooner Legends in the 89’er Room. Twenty people were in attendance for the meeting.

Dr. Jerry Brotzge, President, welcomed everyone to the first chapter meeting of the year and introduced the other offices (Mark Sessing, Vice-President; Kit Wagner, Treasurer; and Sarah Corfidi, Secretary). In addition, Jerry had each attendee introduce themselves providing their name and affiliation.

Members visited and ordered dinner, and we conducted the business part of the meeting while waiting for food. COCAMS/NWA was largely inactive last year, except for participating in the National Severe Weather Workshop (NSWW). This year COCAMS/NWA is planning 4 bi-monthly meetings, with an end-of-the-year barbeque in May. The other meetings will be in November, February and April, and COCAMS/NWA will participate with the NSWW as it always does. COCAMS/NWA will also participate in the National Weather Festival on November 6, 2010. There may also be a field trip organized during the summer months, perhaps to visit the nearby ARM site.

President Jerry Brotzge (CAPS) started off the first presentation, “Oklahoma Weather! A 6-month review: Blizzards, Ice Storms, Floods, Hail & Tornadoes”. During the presentation, Jerry reviewed the historic Christmas Eve blizzard (December 24, 2009), a recent major ice storm (January 28-29, 2010), the tornado outbreak in central Oklahoma (May 10, 2010), a costly hailstorm in Oklahoma City (May 16, 2010), and a major flooding event for Oklahoma City (June 14, 2010). During the ice storm, Jerry reported that over 180,000 people lost electricity, and that the hardest hit areas included portions of southwest Oklahoma, near Altus, where 1-1.5” of icing was recorded. This storm also produced 6-10” of snowfall, mainly across north-central portions of Oklahoma. He also reviewed a very expensive hailstorm in May 2010, which affected some of the more affluent suburbs of Oklahoma City. Over $500 million dollars in damage was reported, with $80 million dollars of damage due just to cars. The hail was associated with a long-track supercell which moved from Piedmont southeast to Nichols Hills to near Del City. Finally, Jerry talked about the major flooding in Oklahoma City in June 2010, in which some sections of the city received more than 12 inches of rain and three interstates were closed as a result of the flooding.

Clark Payne (WDTB) was the next speaker and his presentation was titled, “A Review of the Christmas Blizzard – Norman, OK”. The official storm total from this storm was 13.5 inches at the OKC airport. A new record was recorded for 24-hour snowfall (former record snow was 11.3 inches on March 19, 1924). In addition, the storm broke the record for storm-total snowfall (former record was 12.1 inches on Jan. 5-7, 1988).  Clark also discussed the impacts of the storm, which included all the airports being closed, all the major interstates being closed and 9 fatalities. Clark finished his presentation with some personal stories of his attempts to travel on December 24, 2009 despite the snow.

Our final speaker was Les Lemon (WDTB) who discussed more about the May 10, 2010 tornado outbreak in his presentation, “May 10 tornadoes…and other vortices. Norman, OK 2010”. Les showed us some fascinating radar imagery which included the Wakita, OK tornado (as seen from Vance AFB) and discussed the possibility of the RFD lofting debris in the early images. In later images, the debris ball could be clearly seen. The radar sampled the storm at very close ranges (5-8 nm) in early images, and so excellent reflectivity/velocity data were gathered at low elevations (300-500 ft AGL). Les also showed radar images of the Choctaw storm with 4-panel charts that illustrated a string of meso-circulations aloft. Finally, Les showed us some imagery from KTLX and dual-polarimetric images of the Norman tornadoes and vortices.

Some great discussion followed the presentations.  Dr. Brotzge then concluded the meeting.

Next meeting: Tuesday, November 9, 3:30 pm -5:00 pm at the National Weather Center in Room 1313”.---Sarah Corfidi.



Meeting 9/3/10

·         The 2:30 meeting time seemed to conflict with many people’s schedules, so we will be moving the meetings back to their original time of 4:30 or 5:00

·         Next meeting in 3 weeks (Sept 24th)

·         Dues: please pay your club dues to David Chan

-          Dues are $20 this year ($10/semester)

-          The first semester is free for all new students

-          We have raised dues this year, but the money will be put to good use- may possibly reduce Alumni Weekend cost, etc.

·         Forecasting: contact John (jpk223) with questions- many opportunities this semester

-          Weather Phone:  ½ credit option- EAS 4940: Weather Forecasting for the Public

-          Department Forecast Contest began this week

-          National Weather Challenge: starts at the end of the month- if interested in becoming part of the Cornell team, look out for sign-ups soon

-          Athletics Forecasting: 5 fall sports spots available; look for email to get spots assigned

·         Ithacation: contact Sarah (sbl49) if interested in contributing to the publication

-          Internship articles, interesting weather-related articles, weather jokes accepted!

-          Featured professor- anyone interested in interviewing one of the EAS professors?

-          Deadline for articles/contributions TBD- sometime in early October

·         New CCAMS/EAS website: Daniel (dar256) serving as webmaster- contact with questions/ideas!

-          There is a call for anyone interested in writing/filling in content for the website- blurbs about what’s going on in the club, what we are all about, etc.

-          Want the website to be the main face of the club so any ideas for site/site content/to get involved, email Daniel!

·         Changes to CCAMS by-laws: check out changes in coming email from Aaron; input welcome

·         Snowfall Competition:

-          Only fundraiser on the map so far

-          Want to start this up soon/advertise for it

-          David/Nikki will be heading this up, so contact them with ideas/if interested in helping out

·         Outreach:  possible middle school outreach again- look out for this and other opportunities soon; contact Nikki (nmd46) with questions or ideas

·         CCAMS apparel: order forms will be available soon

·         Intramural Sports:  flag football team in the making! Games at 2 PM on Sundays this fall; contact Jase (jeb364) if interested

·         Other activities: fill out the survey about other CCAMS activities coming soon

·         Soda Fairy: 1125 Bradfield, 50 cents per can, enjoy!

·         Speaker Series: looking for speakers now- if you have any contacts who would be interested in participating and presenting for the club, let Aaron/Jase know; funding available for their visit

·          Conferences:

-          AMS conference: Seattle, WA—about a one-week conference; great opportunity-speakers, networking, etc. ; during first week of class second            semester (but definitely still worth going); cost; about $1,000 for full trip

-          Student Assistantship Program option for reduced cost for the AMS conference

-          Department will help fund the trip if you are presenting research at the conference—deadline for student poster session coming up soon

-          Conference registration deadline: December 1st (without increased registration cost)

-          More info. coming up—still looking for funding, etc.

-          North East Storms Conference: 2nd semester

-          NWS Operational Workshop: hosted at Cornell during spring break; will need help putting this together/great opportunity right here at Cornell

-          SUNY Oswego Great Lakes Conference: 2nd semester

·         **Become an AMS member! Can sign up online—want more participation in the club

·         **Idea for student research presentations—poster display, etc. within our major as a way for people to share their research experience/projects and as a way to help fellow students find research opportunities/learn more about research within our field--  contact Dan (dar256).


Meeting Minutes 9/24

*We have changed the CCAMS dinner from this past Friday to next Friday, October 1st


National Forecasting Contest: WX Challenge- sign ups took place at the meeting, so if you are interested, contact John Kirk ASAP

Instructional meeting for the National Forecast Contest on Monday at 4:30 for  those of you who signed up


Articles and other submission are due by this Friday, October 1st, so please contribute!!!

We need submissions to make this a great edition of Ithacation, so please think about sending in an article!  Also, your articles will be featured on the new CCAMS/EAS website, so it’s a cool opportunity!

Upcoming Events:

CCAMS bowling night (date TBD), Shabbat dinner at Lindsey’s (date TBD)


Look out for an email coming soon with order forms!


Next Friday afternoon (October 1st) come to the computer lab to help Dan write content for the site


Look out for upcoming events: possibly an event with a local middle school, etc.


Dues are $10 per semester or $20 for the year- first semester is free for freshmen and transfers

Please give dues to David!!

Snowfall Contest:

Look out for tabling opportunities at Trillium and possibly Mann


Signups for those interested in the National AMS Conference took place at the meeting- if you are sincerely interested in going, please contact Matt or Torey!

It’s a good idea to become an AMS member because you get a discount on registration fees—can register online

Student Assistantship Program: deadline to apply is October 15th, so apply if interested! 

Funding is available is you are presenting research at the conference

North East Storms Conference: club will donate $60-80 to help out so that the conference can take place again this year

Speaker Series:

Our first presentation will be on October 29th- former broadcast meteorologist and current NWS employee

Please contact people for the series!

CCAMS poster:

Send pictures to Lindsey- we want to make this good!

Fall Undergraduate Research/Internship Forum:

Will be taking place during finals (probably the first Monday of study week)

Think about presenting if you have done or are doing research, or if you have an internship experience you would like to share- great way for underclassmen to learn more about what’s going on in the field and to share valuable advice/experiences with meteorology peers

Next meeting: TBD---Sarah Lynagh .



Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The meeting commenced at 6:35 pm.  Chapter Chairperson Andrea Bleistein introduced the DC Chapter officers, and mentioned the upcoming USA Science and Engineering Festival Expo on October 23 – 24 (Saturday – Sunday) on the National Mall.

Andrea introduced our guest speaker, Mike Smith, C.C.M., CEO of Weatherdata services, Inc., and author of Warnings: The True Story of How Science Tamed the Weather.  Mike started with an introduction of his book, and asked why meteorology didn’t get respect.  He explained that his motivation for writing Warnings was a “scapegoating” of meteorologists by former Mayor of New Orleans Ray Nagin after Hurricane Katrina in 2005. 

Mike followed with a brief summary of mid-20th century tornado observations.  His multimedia presentation described the history of a late-night tornado that tore through Udall, Kansas in 1955, leaving catastrophic damage and 102 deaths in its wake.  At the time, the U.S. Weather Bureau had a “self-imposed prohibition” on issuing tornado warnings.  The warning ban was lifted in 1957, and was followed with the first Doppler-type radar in 1958 and 1959.  Mike pointed out that the next 50 years provided a steady stream of advancements in technology, culminating in the completion of a national network of Doppler radar facilities from 1992 – 96. 

Mike continued his presentation with a vivid description of the Greensburg, Kansas tornado on May 4, 2007.  Mike used photography, audio, and recorded video of live local television coverage during the minutes before and after the F-5 tornado struck with winds greater than 200 mph.  The parallels with the 1955 Udall tornado were nearly identical in strength, size, and catastrophic impact.  The overwhelming difference between the two events was the availability and use of warning technology.   Mike applied the human casualty rate of the 1955 Udall tornado to the Greensburg event, and concluded that 232 lives were saved in 2007.  Mike took several questions from the audience, and acknowledged that false alarms are among the most significant challenges still facing the science of storm prediction.

Andrea closed the meeting by announcing a networking mixer/happy hour event on October 14 at the M&S Grill downtown.  More details will be placing on the website as detailed are firmed up.---Doug Price.



The first meeting of the Emerald Coast Chapter of the AMS for the new chapter year was held on Thursday, 2 September at the 2nd Combat Weather Systems Squadron building at Hurlburt Field.  The chapter officers will continue to be:  Dave Biggar, president, Doug Oltmer, vice president, Hoover Hodge, treasurer, and Billy Tate, corresponding secretary.  The chapter secretary position is currently vacant.   During the business portion of the meeting, we discussed potential meeting locations and topics for the upcoming year.   We then viewed a video about hurricane Ivan, which produced extensive damage to the Emerald Coast area in 2004.---Dave Biggar.



September 8, 2010 GBM Minutes

Attendance: 51 (Including Exec. Board)

Start Time: 7:00 PM

Samantha Couture – President - Our president welcomed all the returning members and the incoming freshman to the first GBM of the new year.  She started out by discussing our hallmark event, The 36th Annual Northeastern Conference.  It will be held at the Holiday Inn in Taunton, Massachusetts on March 4th to 6th .  The deposit for the hotel is already down, and all of our speakers are all set. 

Matt Dipirro – Vice President - Matt is working hard on the website and has the banner up. He told the club the website which is  Matt also discussed about internship night, and asked if any juniors or seniors that have done an internship over the summer to please to a presentation on Internship night to help the freshman get involved, and to get a good idea about an internship.  Finally, he brought up a possible fundraiser with Pizza Man in Lyndonville, Vermont.  He will be in contact with the owner and will let the club know if there will be one. 

George Krauszer – Secretary - George let the incoming freshman know that if you did not sign the registration form, please sign one to make sure that you are on the roster.  The bulletin board will be worked on over the next weekend and will have the club roster on there.  Eligibility will still be five and a third events to become an active member.   Finally, the car wash will be held at the Lyndonville Redemption Center on September 19th from 10 am to 2 pm.  He will try to get more dates and possibly adding another location. 

Laura Lenfest- Treasurer-   Laura let the club know about our situation with us and SGA.  Our club is in debt and if we don’t pay back the funds by a certain time, our budget will be frozen for next year which might not lead to a storm conference next year or this year.  We must pay half of our debt by October 17th and the rest by the end of the fall semester.  She also note that everyone that signed the registration form to please pay the club due of ten dollars so that you will be eligible. 

Ben Sisskind- Public Relations- Ben said to be sure to check your emails daily in case of any breaking news comes in.  Our fall BBQ will be pushed back due to our funds and a date will be mention at the next GBM.  Our ECM meeting will be held on the 3rd floor of ASAC to discuss about signing up for car wash and other events.  Finally, the Mt. Washington Hike will be pushed back to a later date which will be mention soon. 

Grace Young – Community Outreach- Was not present this meeting due to volleyball. (Grace resigned as Community Outreach the day after the GBM.  We had an election the next week.  Two students were nominated and they were Uriah Burhans and Garrett Combs.  We had an election and the winner of the election is Garrett Combs. )

Alison Ciaramitaro – Historian- Was not present this meeting due to volleyball.

Garrett Combs -Student Advisor - Garrett talked to the club about some Atmospheric Science classes electives that could be offered next semester. 

Craig Johnson and Mike Michaud – Craig and Mike, both who interned in the VORTEX program, mentioned another possible payment method of the National conference in Seattle, Washington.  If enough people are interested, you can add the National Conference to your bill and charge it as a lab and get one credit for it.  Also, Craig mentioned of another fundraising idea of selling DVD’s of pictures of weather when they were interning for VORTEX.

The meeting ended with a Candy Raffle.

End Time: 7:36 PM---George J. Krauszer II.


September 21, 2010 

The officers for this year were introduced.  Erik Proseus is the President, Mike Wroten is Vice-President, and Tom Salem is the Secretary/Treasurer.

Erik stated that the national NWA meeting might be in Memphis in 2015.  In 2012, it will be in Birmingham, Alabama.

Last weekend was the annual Mississippi State University’s Southeast Severe Storms Symposium.  There were many interesting talks.  Six talks from the Memphis NWS office, also the Jackson, Mississippi, NWS office had several presentations about the Yazoo City Tornado, it was an impressive storm and there were a lot of things to talk about.

Brittany Bell was awarded the first AMS/NWA Memphis Scholarship of $500.   Brittany is a sophomore at Mississippi State University studying Broadcast Meteorology.

The scholarship account is in needs of funds.  Donations are greatly appreciated.  All the proceeds from the chapter store will go to the scholarship.  Are there other ways we can fund this?

University of Tennessee at Martin started a meteorology concentration this fall.  It is the only such program in the state of Tennessee.

Next lunch meeting will be Oct. 19.

The November meeting will be a celebration of the 40th anniversary of the chapter.  If you are interested in helping or have ideas let the officers know.

Mike Goldstein of the Shelby County Health Department provided a great talk on the state of air pollution in the Memphis area.---Tom Salem.



September 9, 2010

The first meeting of the Metro Atlanta AMS/NWA Chapter for the 2010-2011 year was held on September 9, 2010 at Barnes and Noble at Tech Square. Thirty people were in attendance for the meeting.

Kent Frantz, President, welcomed everyone to the first chapter meeting of the year and introduced the other offices (James Belanger, President-Elect; Sean Miller, Treasurer; and Jessica Fieux, Secretary). In addition, Kent had each attendee introduce themselves providing their name and affiliation.

Three guests speakers at the meeting discussed “The Epic Floods of September 2009 in North Georgia: One Year Later.” Kent Frantz, President of the chapter and Senior Service Hydrologist at NWS Peachtree city, started the presentation with a perspective from the National Weather Service. An upper level low over Texas was dominant for a few days leading up to the event and helped to feed tropical moisture into Georgia – thus the ground was moist and some flash flooding was experienced across the Southeast during the week prior to September 21. With the low level southerly flow across Georgia, the rainfall was enhanced across the flooded areas due to upslope. In addition, the FFC sounding showed a moist adiabatic profile with decent instability (~1500 J/kg). Another factor that played a role in the flooding event was a boundary from the coast that worked its way westward into the Atlanta metropolitan area. The 18-hour rainfall total at 9am on September 21, 2009 was 16 inches across portions of Douglas County. This epic flood event was a greater than 1000 year flood. The flooding caused a total of 10 deaths across North Georgia, nearly 100 water rescues and more than $300 million dollars in damage.  All of the deaths except for one occurred overnight and all except for two deaths involved an automobile. A few of the lessons learned by the National Weather Service in Peachtree City were shared. First, it is important to have the rainfall frequency chart readily available. Second, when issuing river flood warnings (FLW) include major in the headline, i.e. major flood warning, to help emphasize the severity of the event. Another lesson learned was to inform emergency managers when stream gages fail. Since 20% of the stream gages failed during this event, other methods need to be in place to take stream height measurements – one option is to install staff gages. In August 2010, one such staff gage was installed at Sweetwater Creek where a record crest of 30.8 feet occurred during the September 2009 flood.

The second guest speaker, Brian McCallum from the United States Geological Survey (USGS), was involved in documenting the extent of the flood. In addition, the USGS was also responsible for fixing the stream gages that failed during the event. The USGS has 324 surface water gages in Georgia, 257 of which have rain gages. These gages transmit hourly through the GOES-8 satellite. The importance of these gages spans a variety of reasons: flood warnings/forecasting, flood control, drought monitoring, state water planning, water wars, safe bridge and roadway design and more. By Monday afternoon (September 21), almost 50 stream gages were above the highest point ever measured before and by that evening, more than 15 stream gages were not reporting. Since many stream gages failed, the USGS had to go out into the field to take measurements and fix the stream gages. Within five days of the flooding, USGS crews made nearly 75 discrete flood measurements, flagged high water marks at approximately two dozen locations and repaired or installed temporary real-time gages at all 20 destroyed gages. 16,981 dwellings were impacted from this epic flood (FEMA) and 3,482 businesses were impacted (SBA).  Similar to the NWS, the USGS also shared lessons learned from the event. First, the gages did their job. Second, investments in stream gage networks paid off. Lastly, there is still room for improvement regarding the communication of flood threat/risk. The USGS has a variety of tools to monitor flooding:

The last speaker of the evening was Jason Milhollin, Douglas County Emergency Manager. Douglas County received the most rainfall from the epic flood event and was one of the counties that sustained the most damage. At one station, over 21 inches of rain fell in a 24 hour period, with a peak rainfall of 5.53 inches in one hour. Over 130 sections of the roadway infrastructure were closed during and immediately after the flood event and only two roads remain closed today. At one point there was no way to get in or out of the county and Highway Five was the only road that allowed for north/south travel within the county. In total, there was more than 30 water rescues from cars (does not include rescues from houses), seven fatalities in the county, and over 968 tons of debris. Debris removal of a vehicle was a challenge and Blackhawk helicopter had to be used to remove the car from the water. Similar to the two other speakers, the EMA shared lessons learned from Douglas County. The county did not know the National Weather Service needed information from the county and has since learned the importance of sharing information. In addition, it is important to share information with the media so it can be passed along to the public. Since the public is accustomed to moving to the lowest level of their home when outdoor warnings sirens alert, the decision was made not to sound the sirens as the county did not want people going to the lowest floor, instead people needed to seek higher ground. In order to be able to alert citizens, the county now has a reverse 911 system to notify residents of dangerous situations. During the epic flood a makeshift EOC was used and the county is now in the process of making a permanent EOC. Another challenge during the epic flood event was the fact that there were not enough boats available. One Douglas county resident attending the AMS meeting passed along some positive praise – it was helpful that the county posted a road closure map on their website.

Kent Frantz presented Brian McCallum and Jason Milhollin with an AMS mug to thank them for sharing their experiences with the AMS/NWA members. He then concluded the meeting.

Next meeting: Thursday, October 14, 7pm at Barnes and Noble Tech Square – James Belanger will speak on “Tropical Cyclone Predictability and a Review of the 2010 Hurricane Season”.---Jessica Fieux.



General Meeting

Date: September 8, 2010

Attendance: 70

Meeting in Session: 8:30pm

Introduction (President Joe Moore)

How we communicate

Plans for the Fall Semester

Officer Introduction


Other Announcements

Meeting out of Session: 8:55pm


Meeting Type: General Meeting

Meeting Date: September 15, 2010

Attendance: 75

Meeting in Session: 8:35pm

Collection of Dues and distribution of pizza to those that have paid

Introduction (President Joe Moore)

Members break out into Events/Fundraising and Outreach Committees

Meeting out of Session: 9:15pm---Erica Dolinar.



September Meeting Minutes - 9/14/10

September Meeting Minutes - 9/28/10.---Justin Weber.



AMS general meeting 9/7/2010

Order of meeting appearances:

              President: start of the year intro

                            What the AMS is for/about

                                          Community outreach, local schools

                                          Fun stuff, weatherfest

                                          Officer introductions

              Vice P: introduce speaker

              Speaker: Jeff Evans talking about joint chapter with NWA

                            Works in NWS office in Tallahassee

                            NWA more operational based

                            Since 1975

                            Smaller than AMS (3,000 members)

                            Reaches out to more applied met.

                            Has scholarships (6-7 each year) as well as grants


                            $18 for national membership

                            National meeting this Oct in Tucson, Arizona

                                          More weather service and weather channel people

              President discusses upcoming

                            Bake sale


                            Yankee Candle – good enough to eat

                            Tailgate: we’ll supply food and grill at Love building for BYU game

                                                        Volunteers to bring sides, drinks, napkins

                                                        Don’t mention byob unless asked

                                                        Noon on the 18th

                                                        Member of the year

                                          Committee meetings count as 2 pts!

              Vice-P: intro and program committee

                            Meet once or twice between general meetings

                            T-Shirt contest (David Faran with Clothesline)

              Treasurer: social and membership committee

                            Can pay your dues at next meeting, no rush

                            New Weatherfest date: February 26th ish now

                            We aren’t hosting, but we are involved

              Secretary: Publicity Committee

                            Bake Sale next wed.

                            Yankee Candle this october

              Cameron: Science and Outreach, recap

                            No sushi at Sci+out meetings, other venues ok

                            Changing batteries in wx radios on campus

                            FSUteach involvement

                            Bowling Social

                                          3-4 lanes

                                          More people = cheaper

              President: Introduce Webmaster Tim

                            Send him your AMS photos!

                            Re-designing web site---Christina Gilbert.



The September AMS/NWA meeting was held on Tuesday September 21st.  President Greg Story called the meeting to order at 7pm.  He welcomed the members and introduced the chapter officers. 

Greg told the group that the AMS/NWA provides judges for the Dallas and Fort Worth Science fairs and that dues go toward science fair prizes and thank you gifs to the speakers.  The AMS/NWA chapter also is a co-sponsor of the Texas Severe Storms Conference which will be held on Saturday March 12, 2011.

Dues are now due, and are $10.00 for one year.  Stan gave a treasury report and Greg offered a free rain gauge to the first person who pays their dues and signs up for CoCoRaHS – Community Collaborative Rain, hail & Snow Network.

You can now visit both the North Texas Chapter of the AMS/NWA and the Fort Worth forecast office on their facebook page.

Janice Bunting told the group that the NWA Conference was going to be held the week October 3rd in Tucson, AZ.

FYI - Tuesday October 5th Phoenix had record hail and Flagstaff had record tornados.

Our September speaker was Jon Zeitler, Science and Operations Officer; WFO Austin/San Antonio gave a very interesting presentation. “A Constitution for Personal Flood Safety” Floods happen everywhere It’s each person’s responsibility to be flood safe.  Consider buying flood insurance, Myth: Standard homeowners insurance covers floods. In fact there are two different kinds of flood insurance, one is windblown and the other is rising water. For more information on flood insurance plans visit  Develop an evacuation routes, so if one way is flooded you can use a different route.   Protect our first responders; don’t put yourself in the position where they have to risk their life to come rescue you.  Ask yourself what is important to you? If it’s important to you protect it remember the fifteen minute rule.

Our October meeting will be held on Tuesday October 19, 2010 at 7:00 pm at the WFO Forth Worth/Dallas – West Gulf River Forecast Center, 3401 Northern Cross Blvd., Forth Worth, TX 76137

Topic: Vortex II

Chapter member Tim Marshall will share his experiences during the second year of the VORTEX 2 field experiment.  He was one of the lead forecasters of this experiment.

Tim is a meteorologist and professional engineer for Haag Engineering in Carrollton. He is also a well known tornado chaser and much sought-after speaker. Tim received his bachelors degree in meteorology from Northern Illinois University and his masters degree from Texas Tech University.
He was the editor of Stormtrack magazine for many years.---Bobette Mauck.



September Meeting Minutes.---Andrew Latto.



Meeting Start: 11:07 AM
Treasurer/Webmaster Report:

Secretary Report: Vice President President Meeting over: 11:22 AM---Sarah Al-Momar.



September 20th 2010

First order of business is the cookout located within the "ice castle". This is located at Nicole's apartment within the summit. The officers are providing the food, so you don't have to worry about bringing anything. If you have extra meals that you would like to use and bring something, you are more then welcome to do that. For those who need a ride, since it is located across the river on Richland, we are congregating in Scalia at 3.45. We are leaving at 5 till 4 so please don't be late!

At every meeting we are going to be having a secretary and a treasurer report. A secretary's report will be making the minutes official by making sure that everything in the minutes is the correct information. A treasurer's report will be telling us about our financial status.

Our goals for this year are actually quite simple. We want to have the chapter grow in size. Get more people to become involved with the chapter. We want people to get involved. That is what we do as a chapter of the AMS. We get involved with the surrounding committee and extend outreach to the people of this community. Whether that be students or the community that lives here. A good starting point is helping with the damage with the storms that our very own community with stained. Going along with that, another goal is to have more outreach within our chapter. We have a chair for outreach that will do just an amazing job with that. We also want to obtain the seal of StormReady for our school. Thursday was a great example of how the university was not prepared for anything like this to happen to us. Most people don't believe that a tornado can hit Athens with all the hills around. They were just proven wrong Thursday. This is why we need to get this campus StormReady. 

We have created different kinds of committees this year. There are a couple different ones that you may join to help the chair accomplish their goals. We will have descriptions of each committee at the next meeting. Think of things you would like to get involved with. We will go over this next meeting. We have standing committees, which are an all year committee. We also have symposium committees that help run the symposium smoothly. The standing committees are; volunteer/outreach, and fundraising. The symposium committees are; advising, logistics, and sponsorship. Start thinking if you would like to join any of these committees. 

If you are a junior or sophomore that would like to adopt the new program that Dr. Fogt has created, please contact Dr. Fogt and he will give you the details on the new program. 

WX Challenge!! It is that time of the year again when the WX challenge is about to kick off. This is a forecasting competition that involves everyone around the country that are studying meteorology. It involves anywhere from freshman to graduate students and even faculty. You don't need any forecasting experience at all. You can ask an upperclassmen to help you with forecasting. If you want to participate, please sign up and give Dr. Fogt 5 dollars to join by the 24th!!!

We are starting something new this year called peer mentoring. This is something to help the incoming freshman and even the sophomores to keep on track. A mentor will make sure your doing alright in your classes and kind of push you a little bit to do your best. They can also help you with picking classes for the next quarter. Use them to your advantage. The upperclassmen are full of knowledge. Make sure you get some of that information out of them. For the upperclassmen that want to be a mentor we need your bios by Sunday. These bios are for the freshman and sophomores to look at and be able to pick their own mentor based on likes with the meteorology major, or even just activities. The should include your information and also a picture so they know who you are.

We are going to try and enter a banner or float into the homecoming parade this year. If you would like to help and join the homecoming committee email us to let us know and we will send you to who you need to go to. This is a chance to publicize Scalia. 

Our next meeting on Tuesday Septemeber 28th will have 2 presentations. The first presentations will be presented by Kyle Clem, Chip Redmond, and Alex Steinkamp about the storm chase on the storms that produced tornadoes in Athens County. The next one will be by Ryan Langen and Alex Wovrosh about the campus reaction to the storms. 

If you have not taken the time to look at the pictures from the storm surveys that our students went on with the Charleston's NWS, take the to do that. They are some pretty eye opening pictures to show that even we can get tornadoes where we are. 

Kyle Clem, Chip Redmond and Alex Steinkamp also captured the Nelsonville tornado that produced a EF2 tornado on film and camera. Ask them about that if you are interested and they will me more than happy to tell you all about their chase.

We are also signing up for a broomball, or volleyball team. If you are interested in playing please email me to let me know.---
Alex Steinkamp.



10 September 2010

Meeting Minutes

Picnic at the National Weather Service Office, Valley, NE

Barb called the meeting to order at 6:42 p.m., and greeted the members and guests.  About 70 members and guests were in attendance.

She introduced the officers for 2010-2011.

President’s Report (Barb Mayes):

Many speakers are already lined up for our 2010-2011 year:

We plan on speakers:

from the National Drought mitigation Center

on the role of Leadership

on Winter Weather forecasting (Phil Schumacher)

on Severe Weather  – we will tie it to the Central Plains Severe Weather Symposium (CPSWS) in March 2011. 

Also, we are hoping to get Greg Carbin, Storm Prediction Center (SPC), to come up and present his annual “top 10 weather events” in December, however this year he is in TX on a long term detail, and we may not get him until April or May.

Barb reminded the members that we will have our third annual student competition in January or February.  Students are invited to do a presentation on their thesis, a paper or project, (graduate students and undergrads), and win about $400 to attend a National Conference and present your research there.  This is a great opportunity for our student members. 

Our next meeting date is TBA, but should be towards the end of October.

Please invite coworkers and friends to our meetings.  We are continually trying to diversity our membership.

GOALS for this year:

A - Improve website.

We want to make the website more useful not just for us, but for people who want to come to us.

Some ideas: Point and click button for speaker requests/info, a calendar of upcoming events.   If you have ideas about what you would like to see on the website please contact VP Kristen George, who will be the POC for our webmaster Christy Carlson.

B - Community outreach and service.

We already do a great deal out outreach, but hope to receive additional input for ways to give back to our community.  Two new endeavors:

Treasurer’s Report (Fritz VanWyngaarden):

Beginning Balance: $30.79

Deposits: $743.00

Ending Balance: $773.79

Also Fritz mentioned that a past chapter President was in attendance, Jeremy Wesley.  He works in the Hastings NWS Office now, but was in town visiting.

Recording Secretary’s Report (Karen Harder-Sittel): May 2010 meeting minutes were lost in a malfunction with the outgoing secretary’s computer.  If they can be retrieved, they will be posted asap (Motion to submit the minutes for the record will then be made at the next meeting).  This year our minutes will be posted to both the website and Facebook.  Barb added that if anyone has any questions about the May meeting, any of the officers or others in attendance can answer any questions they have.

Vice President’s Report (Kristen George): “Thanks for coming”

Corresponding Secretary's Report (Rose Tseng): nothing to add.

Old Business: none.   

New Business: none.   

Open to the Floor:  nothing from the floor.

Everyone was invited to go back for “seconds” and to enjoy the desserts made/provided for by the officers. 

Business meeting adjourned at 6:50 pm.

Post meeting note:  Lou Riva was the winner of the forecast contest.  Temperature at NWS Office  was  67 degrees at 630 p.m.  Lou’s  membership dues are on the house this year.---Karen Harder-Sittel.



“5th Annual Weather Sampler”

On September 25, 2010, a new record of 31 folks attended this fun event, at the Stark Street Pizza Co., southeast Portland. OR-AMS President Bobby Corser welcomed folks and gave
the opening remarks.

Vice-President Steve Pierce (a.k.a., “Stat-Man”) tossed out some interesting weather statistics. June was the wettest ever, at 4.27 inch, for the Portland AP. June-August was the coldest
summer since 1993. We set a new hourly rainfall total for Sept. 7th, of 1.03 inch, breaking the old record of 0.93 inch set in May 24, 2008. In the tropical Pacific Ocean, we are approaching
the second most negative MEI (Multivariate ENSO Index) on record, lowest since 1973, and is also the fastest drop on record for this time of year. He hinted all this data will be explained in
detail by the Forecaster Presenters at our 18th Annual Winter Weather meeting on October 16.

Secretary Kyle Dittmer talked about a new endeavor in his Portland Community College Meteorology class to study climate change. He divided up the class into three groups based on
the three causes of climate change – Greenhouse Gas, Natural Cycle, Blended-view. Each group will conduct research on the cause, write up a paper, present to the class in order to convince other students that their work is the “correct” view. Students will be allowed to ask questions and stimulate good discussion. This work should make for an interesting and lively activity.

Kyle also shared that he will be in Germany during October 8-23. His German hosts were able to set up an appointment to see the Vice-President of the Wuppertal Institute (http://, one of the premier climate change research centers in Germany. He will share his climate change work with the Germans and ask them of their
research. What a golden opportunity. He will share his findings with us.

Kyle also presented on behalf of Councilor George Miller, who couldn’t attend today. George has written a paper on Oregon tornadoes. It was just accepted for publication in the Weatherwise
magazine. The article should appear in the January or February 2011 issue. Congratulations!

Phil Welke showed compelling evidence for what appeared to be a timber blow-down in the Wallowa Mountains of northeast Oregon. His photos show a distinct avalanche related
pattern (and not micro-burst related) of flattened trees in the Hurricane Creek area that happened sometime since the summer of 2009. One photo showed an uprooted tree with a big boulder that would take great force to move.

Jack Bohl mentioned a NRCS Meteorologist, Jan Curtis, who examined 500 mb charts for past summers of ENSO transitions. He saw that a mean trough persisted during such summers. We all enjoyed good food, drink, and company – wish you could have been there!---Kyle Dittmer.



September 8, 2010 Meeting: 9 to 10 PM


Secretary Notes

During this meeting, introductions were done by everyone (Name, Grade, Interests etc.). New members were given a warm welcome. The group enjoyed eating pizza during this event. The website was shown to the club on the projector and a general synopsis and explanation of what the club does was given. An overview of the upcoming years events was given (Mount Washington Trip, AMS, Northeast Storms, Bowling, etc). Then the group talked about T-shirt sales. The photo contest/ weather videos contest was also discussed. The upcoming bowling outing was discussed. The night ended with Frisbee on the lawn outside the building.

Sep 21st: Bowling: Sep 21st 9:30-midnight – Brunswick Zone!


Jeffrey Deppa

Alexander Harrison

Matt Drews

Geoff Heidelberger

Anthony Adams

Eric Sinsky

Christina Speciale

Secretary Notes

Members of the club went out to enjoy discount bowling night near Rutgers University. The experience was great for club member bonding.

Mt Washington, VT:  Sep 24-26th


Alexander Harrison

Jimmy Danco

Michael Lee

Matt Drews

Christina Speciale

Matthew DeLucia

Anthony Adams

Jeffrey Deppa

Teresa Sikorski

Stephanie Winter

Secretary Notes

On this trip the Rutgers Meteorology Club drove up to Vermont to go Mt. Washington. Mt. Washington is known for having the previous fastest wind speed record on earth. The mountain has a wide variety of fast changing weather. There is an observatory on top of the mountain, which the Rutgers chapter was able to visit. We were able to receive a tour of the observatory from a Rutgers Meteorology alumnus. The club members were able to see the instrumentation and were allowed to go on the observation deck on top of the station, where wind speeds were nearly at category 1 hurricane level! The tour guide was very informative and gave students information on careers at Mt. Washington. Employees live in sleeping quarters on the mountain since travel up and down the mountain is tedious. The club members had a group dinner after the tour.

General Meeting Attendance 9/28/10 8 to 9PM


Name                                                            Year                                                               Email

Alexander Harrison                                       2011                                                               aharris@eden

Christina Speciale                                        2011                                                               speciale@eden

Matt Drews                                                   2010                                                               mdrews@eden

Doug Melegari                                              2012                                                     

Joseph Martucci                                           2013                                                               joemart@eden

Jacob Carlin                                                 2012                                                               jcarlin@eden

Alyssa Donovan                                           2012                                                               alyssa@eden

James Danco                                              2014                                                               jdanco@eden

Eric Sinsky                                                   2014                                                               esinsky@eden

Giana Pietrafesa                                          2012                                                               gianap@eden

Matt DeLucia                                               2012                                                               mdelucia@eden

Kelly Ann Circalese                                     2011                                                               kellannc@eden

Geoff Heidelberger                                      2011                                                               gheidel@eden

Shunondo Basu                                          2013                                                               sbasu101@gmail

Erik Sope                                                      2013                                                               eriktay@eden

Jeff Mart                                                        not sure                                                

John Cardinale                                             2013                                                               johncard@eden

Philip Leung                                                 2013                                                       

Kurt Kelsey                                                  2012                                                               kurtkels@eden

Adam Rainear                                              2014                                                               arainear@eden

Scott Sincoff                                                2013                                                               ssincoff@eden

Jeff Deppa                                                    2011                                                               jdeppa@eden

Secretary Notes

At this meeting the group discussed the previous Mt. Washington trip. Following this was a discussion on the upcoming annual 91st AMS conference. The group also discussed fundraising ideas, such as selling coffee mugs that say Rutgers Meteorology. The group then played Weather Trivia with candy given out as a prize. Other future club activities were discussed like bowling, laser tag, and public outreach.---Jeffrey Deppa.



The September meeting of the Smoky Mountain AMS chapter was held on a different day from usual: Wednesday, September 22nd. A few members met first for dinner at Barley's Tap House in the Old City of Knoxville. Afterwards, around twenty members met on the University of Tennessee Ag campus to hear our guest speaker, Doug McFalls, speak about his experiences and observations at the Mt. LeConte lodge (elevation: 6593 feet MSL) this past winter. Doug was the caretaker of the lodge, as well as a great photographer, and he showed everyone some stunning photos from this past winter season. This past winter was a colder and snowier season than normal, so Doug experienced many significant snowfall events. He also provided everyone with some interesting weather statistics concerning the amounts of snowfall per event and month, as well as the monthly temperature extremes.---David Gaffin.



September Meeting Minutes.---Lindsay Rice.



Tuesday night, September 7th, we had our first TAMSCAMS meeting of the year and it was a great success! Over ninety people were in attendance as we discussed some of the upcoming events in the next couple of months. Next week we will attend Weather Day at Minute Maid Park where the Astros will be playing the Milwaukee Brewers. Here we will have a booth open in the Weather Zone in order to spread awareness about our college. Once we finished going over some important information and making introductions, we had pizza rolls, soda, and other snacks as everyone mingled and reconnected with one another after the summer break.---Allison Podbielski.



Chris Bovitz called the meeting to order at 7pm and announced … that the 2010-2011chapter year would be his last as president, and someone else will need to step forward to lead our organization. President Chris Bovitz and Vice President Matt Friedlein were present; Secretary Bryan Howell and Secretary Chuck Schoeneberger were not present. Introductions were made of everyone else present.

The May minutes were read and a motion passed to approve.

The Treasurer’s report was made: the chapter’s finances total $82.90 in the bank and $175 in cash.

Bovitz outlined our new membership procedures. Membership will now be on a 12-month rotating basis. Once a member pays their dues, their membership is good for 12 months. (If one pays early, 12 months will be added on to one’s current membership.) Members can pay by going online to the chapter’s website and using the forms on the “Be a Member” page, or by paying Bryan with a check or money order. Howell’s mailing address is on the webpage, or members can pay him in person at meetings. …

Bovitz also talked about the proposed changes to the bylaws which were posted in the September newsletter, specifically the changes in dues collection and bylaws renewal. The vote on the new bylaws will also occur at October’s meeting.

Our next meeting will be at Telvent on October 19. The presentation will be about the August 8, 2009 Minneapolis tornado.

The Northern Plains Winter Storm Workshop was mentioned; this will be at St. Cloud on November 15-16, 2010. (Editor’s note: see the News-Notes article)

Our November meeting will also occur (as yet TBD) during that week and have a presentation on the June 17, 2010, tornado out-break. There was discussion about getting stories from storm chasers that were out that day and getting their stories to Matt Friedlein to include in the discussion.

Bovitz then mentioned the Northern Plains Convective Workshop being held in the spring of 2011. He mentioned that we sent money to help the Sioux Falls chapter host this event in 2010. The National Weather Service runs the event, not our chapter, but we can see what we can do to help the Chanhassen office with their hosting duties.

The Spring 2011 Skywarn Workshop was also discussed, and it was generally agreed that our chapter should at-tempt to have a dinner meeting with Skywarn’s guest speaker the night before.

Friedlein mentioned the chapter’s poster for the annual AMS meeting. Lisa Schmit will be attending from the WFO. This poster can be reused, such as at events like Government on Display and the Skywarn Workshop. He would like to ask for help developing the poster. The poster is most likely due in November.

There was also discussion about the Minnesota Stormchasing Convention which will take place in February 2011, and whether the chapter should try to get a speaker from that.

A motion was made and carried to adjourn at 7:35pm.---Chris Bovitz.



Monthly Meeting:  Friday, September 17, 2010


The first meeting of the UAH student chapter of the AMS for the academic year began at 12:55 pm on Friday, September 17, 2010, with President Rob Junod calling it to order.  He began by introducing the goals for the chapter for the year, including more involvement with the newly formed undergraduate program at UAHuntsville.

Next, President Junod discussed the National AMS meeting in Seattle next January.  He encouraged undergrad students to apply for the Student Assistance Program, and for graduate students to consider applying for Travel Grants.  The possibility of our chapter sending a couple of otherwise unfunded members to the conference was also mentioned.

Vice-President Stephanie Mullins then introduced the formation of three new committees for advancing the goals of the chapter.  The committees are: Fundraising, Student Recruitment, and Undergraduate Involvement.  Any member interested in serving on one of these committees should President Junod if they did not already sign up at the meeting.  Vice-President Mullins then announced that the chapter will have a social outing sometime in the next month, likely a night of bowling.

Following these announcements, Treasurer Ken Leppert presented the financial report.  He stated that dues for the year would be $10 and should be paid as soon as possible.  As head of the new fundraising committee, Treasurer Leppert announced that our chapter will conduct the Yankee Candle fundraiser as we did last year.  Packets were distributed and any member that did not receive a packet may pick one up in Mr. Leppert's office.  Chapter apparel was also discussed.  Design ideas will be collected over this semester for T-shirts, and in the spring the clothing will be ordered.

After the financial report, Education and Outreach chair Sandy LaCorte gave a presentation on the plans thus far for the chapter's first annual Rocket City Weather Fest, to be held on the UAHuntsville campus on October 16th.  The many types of events, guest speakers, kids activities, and event sponsors and exhibitors were detailed, and the need for our members to volunteer for work the event was stressed.  Anyone that will be able to help in any way should contact Sandy or Stephanie ASAP.

Next, Webmaster Calvin Elkins discussed the status of updates to the website for the new academic year.  A form was passed around to verify members' name spelling, email address, advisor, research areas, and degree being sought.  New photos will be uploaded of the officers, as well as the new chapter photo.  Members were then told that the photo will be taken next Friday, September 27th, 3 pm. 

There were  19 members in attendance, and the meeting was ended at 2:00 pm.  Our next meeting will be October 22nd.---Stephanie Mullins.



September 15, 2010

                    2454 8th Ave
                    Greeley, CO 80631-7035
                    (970) 353-4275



Our general meeting this month was on September 7th and featured information about the School of Meteorology's study abroad program. Students who participated in the program last year gave presentations of their experiences abroad.---Kaitlyn Smoleroff.



September 2010


Activity: UPRM New Student Orientation

We officially started the fall semester with great enthusiasm to attract new students to join the chapter. From September 8-9, we held a booth with hands-on activities and meteorology-related demonstrations at the UPRM Student Center. The chapter president gave a short talk to over 250 new students from Physics, Geology, Chemistry, and Mathematics about our mission, accomplishments, and activities. A more detailed talk was given to the new students in the Physics Department, including information about the Atmospheric Science and Meteorology Program and advantageous student opportunities.

Monthly Meeting:


The monthly meeting was held on September 23rd at 10:45 am. A total of 29 members attended. The chapter officers summarized past activities and introduced the newly appointed committee leaders. Future activities were also discussed and include: promoting the chapter around school, the 5th General Assembly, community service, the 5th Student Chapter Initiation, valuable workshops, and weekly hot dog sales for fundraising. 

Activity: Chapter Propaganda

The 5th General Assembly was exhaustively announced around the campus, especially on September 28. By working as a team, we were able to post eye-catching signs on almost all school buildings. The event was recurrently announced through the UPRM email service and other off-school social networks.

Activity: 5th General Assembly


Our 5th General Assembly was held on September 30 at the Physics Department Planetarium. A total of 19 active members and 61 potential members attended the event. A motivating presentation about the chapter’s mission and activities was given. The students were oriented about how to become members of the AMS and the student chapter, and application forms were handed out. An active member gave a weather briefing about the Atlantic and local weather conditions, which is a new initiative developed by a group of meteorology students. The active members were able to interact and share experiences with the interested students over refreshments.

Activity: Hot Dog Sale

The first fundraising activity of the semester was held on September 27.  We took advantage of this event to further promote the chapter.



NOAA Aircraft Operations Center and the Support to the Deepwater Horizon Gulf of Mexico Oil Incident


DATE:  September 15, 2010 7 PM

LOCATION: Florida Fish and Wildlife Research Institute
Karen A. Steidinger Auditorium
100 8th Ave SE
St. Petersburg, FL 33701

WEBINAR: With collaboration from the Tampa Bay Area National Weather Service office, a webinar was set up for this presentation, which was advertised to AMS chapter officers around the country. Our goal in reaching out to other AMS members was to gain more exposure for our local chapter and for a presentation with national interest. To our knowledge, this was the first time webinars have been used in Chapter meetings to reach a national AMS audience. Other future meetings will be available via webinar this year.

SPEAKER: Mr. Ian Sears, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, P-3 Flight Director. Mr. Sears has a Bachelor’s degree in meteorology from Florida State University. He taught middle school and high school for two years and then worked at the National Data Buoy Center for three years. He has been a meteorologist and flight director at the Aircraft Operations Center since June of 2009.


PRESENTATION: Guest speaker, Mr. Ian Sears, from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, gave a very interesting presentation, (Figure 1) which highlighted the processes and responsibilities of the crew of the NOAA Hurricane Hunter planes. He specifically targeted areas of reconnaissance from the Deepwater Horizon Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill incident from April-July of 2010. Mr. Sears began the presentation with general information about his background, and led into NOAA’s mission, which is “to describe and predict changes in the Earth’s environment and to conserve and manage wisely the nation’s coastal and marine resources.” A description of NOAA’s aircraft was also provided, giving detailed accounts of their roles in the Deepwater Horizon incident. Overall, NOAA supported the reconnaissance effort with 202 missions, and 744 hours of flight with two P-3 aircrafts, four twin otter aircrafts, and one King Air aircraft. These aircraft dropped what are known as “expendables” into the atmosphere and ocean. These instruments gathered appropriate data for analyzing and researching the changes in the ocean and atmospheric environment that could be attributed to the release of oil in the Gulf of Mexico. These expendables were known as AXBT’s, AXCP’s, AXCTD’s and dropsondes, which gather temperature, conductivity, wind profiles, pressure, salinity, and other variables. Some aircraft, such as the King Air aircraft and the Twin Otters, were also tasked to gather aerial imagery for mapping and to determine oil thickness with multi-spectral imagery.


Figure 1: Ian Sears speaking about Hurricane Hunters and the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill.

Mr. Sears ended with a question session during which several well thought-out questions were addressed concerning differences between flying into hurricanes versus flying to gather data for the oil spill. It was also revealed that the missions into Hurricane Earl provided the most extensive data set for a hurricane, as the Hurricane Hunters were in Hurricane Earl when it underwent rapid intensification from a category one to a category three hurricane. 

At the end of the presentation, Mr. Matt Bolton, who is a home-schooled high school student in the AMS West Central Florida Chapter planning to pursue a career in meteorology, presented the Chapter with a trivia game (Figure 2). The trivia game specifically focused on oil spill facts from the Deepwater Horizon incident.

Figure 2: Matt Bolton and WCFLAMS President Dr. Jennifer Collins engaging in an exciting game of weather trivia with attendees


TREASURER’S REPORT: The West Central Florida Chapter of the AMS account balance as of September 15, 2010 is $922.60.

CONCLUSION: The meeting was attended by an audience of 19 AMS members, National Weather Service employees and students from Dr. Collins’ Weather, Climate and Society graduate course. For this meeting, 18 individuals and chapters expressed interest in attending via webinar, of which 8 individuals and chapters actually joined. As a result of the webinar, the University of Miami Chapter of the AMS gained 3 new members.---Nicole Carlisle and Jennifer Collins with contributed material from Cristina Mazza.



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